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Hello everyone. Due to some issues my family will now have 2 houses with pets in each house. For simplicity I will call them house 1 and house 2. In house 1, I will have 2 1o gallons and a leopard gecko. In house 2 I will have a 20 or 29 gallon tank and rats or a chameleon. We will say rats because that is the most likely. In both houses I will have 1 praying mantis. The pets in house 1 don't need my daily care, more like care every other day for the gecko and every week for water changes. The family members in each house know how to feed the fish and mist down one of the geckos hides (for shedding). They also know how to feed the praying mantis.

The rats or chameleons will need daily care though. For the rats, I will have to prepare special dinners for them and socialize with them. For the chameleon, I will have to offer food daily. With some care, I think my family members could be trained to feed and socialize with the rats or chameleon. However, I would want to do that most of the time, as I don't want to burden my family with my pets care

House 1 is within walking distance to the school I go to. That would allow me more time in the morning to get ready, which is what I would want. It would also save money and gasoline. But, House 2 animals need daily care. I don't exactly know how to divide my week between the 2. I will simplify my plan and show my ideas for a schedule, but I would like to hear your ideas for my schedule. I would also be more then happy to hear your ideas for moving around pets, because my family would be open to pets being moved around.

House 1-
2 10 gallon tanks
Leopard gecko
praying mantis

House 2-
29 gallon tank
praying mantis

My planned schedule would be as follows, but I am more then happy to edit it
Monday-House 2
Tuesday-House 2
Wednesday (I get out of school early so more time)-House 2
Thursday- House 1 after school
Friday-House 1
Saturday-House 1, water changes on both tanks
Sunday-House 1, then go to house 2 in the (after) noon and do water changes

SIDE NOTE: the houses would be around 15 minutes apart if there is bad traffic, normally around 8 mins.

Thank you so much for reading this, and any help would be appreciated.


Id say get extra large water bottles for rats and leopard gecko, so you can fill them yourself(less of a burden to family). I don't have a chameleon but I do have a bearded dragon, now his care in pretty easy and I can leave for 2-3 days and all he needs is spraying(if I load him up on veggies). I'm not sure about chameleons but when my beardie was little he needed to be feed 3 times a day with 2 baths a day. You could look into auto misters for the reptiles to make it easier. Fish should be fine as long as there feed. Hope that helps

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