2 Gold Zebra Loach


I have 1 gold zebra loach and he/she seems to be with the corydoras. It follows, sleep, etc. However, my corydoras is really afraid and whenever my gold zebra loach touches the corydoras, they seem to run away. I felt bad for the gold zebra loach. So I want to give him/her a friend. I'm thinking of buying another gold zebra loach. But is 1 okay? I have a 20g high. I do have an empty 5 gallon. Also, I can't upgrade anymore than 20g because it takes so much space, and I don't have the space for it. I'm thinking of upgrading my jullis to 4 instead of 2. Do you think I should upgrade the juliis to 4 or just upgrade the gold zebra loach to 2?

Overall questions:
2 Gold zebra loach is better than 1 right?
How many water changes should I do if I have:
1 betta
5 neon tetra
4 julii (I have 2 rn)
2 Gold zebra loach

Is that overstocked?
Gold zebra loach turns out to be 4-5 inches right?
Should I upgrade my jullis to 4 instead of 2? Or just upgrade the gold zebra loach to 2?

Is there space for the bottom dwellers if I have:
4 jullis
2 gold zebra loach?

Thanks! Any advice is welcome!!


I think the loach should be rehomed IMO. Loaches and corys should be in no less than groups of 6. And in a 20 tall that doesn’t provide a lot of floor space for a group of 6 loaches. So without the loaches you could also upgrade to 6 corys

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