2 diffrent types of tiger barb??

Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by glent54321, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. glent54321New MemberMember


    New to the forum so please bear with me,

    So, i bought some tiger barbs a few months back from 2 diffrent places as i had newly set the tank up and didnt want to introduce to many at once. anyway, i now have 3 tiger barbs (1 albino and 2 normla) who have very dark marking and clearly have 5 stripes on them, they are much rounder. and very active, i also have 4 which are very slender and smaller and seem alot less colourfull and always remain in the plants at the back of the tank they will occasionally shoal with the other 3 but not for long.

    i have been reading on countless forums about diffrent things, dimmer lighting, more room to swim but nothing seems to be working really.

    can anyone offer advise on whats going on?

    i will try and post some pictures tomo (29th)


  2. RandomZoidValued MemberMember

    It's likely you got 2 different types of species. The albino and normal ones will shoal but if 3 of them are smaller and more slender it's probably a different type of barb. Do the other 3 have the same vertical stripes or a horizontal stripe? If they have the exact same patterns and are just skinnier it's possible they are just from a less healthy strain or have some sort of parasite.
  3. glent54321New MemberMember


    Thanks for the reply. the other four have the same stripes but only have 4 stripes not 5? there eating fine and will swim etc but just dont shoal with the 3 bigger ones.
  4. MotherMajesty:)Valued MemberMember

    I remember reading that there were 2 strains of Tiger Barbs - one from Sumatra (if memory serves - which it does less & less of late...) and I forget the other. ;) When I saw your post I tried to find it, but haven't been successful yet.

    When I had TBs they would spend most of their time in small groups - 3 or 4 would hang out together. Then, like maybe once a day they might actually school. It was a great sight, but it didn't happen all the time. If they're otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry.

    I will post if I find the article about the different strains. It's bugging me now that I can't find it. :)

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