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Hi FishLore,
About a month and a half ago, I set up a 29 gallon for my bedroom. It "was" stocked with 2 Guppies (1 Male & 1 Female) 2 Cory Cats, 4 Neons, 1 Gourami & 1 Angel Fish. The other day all the fish seemed fine. Yesterday, both my guppies were there and then today I looked and one was completely nowhere to be seen and the other was stuck in the filter still breathing. Why is it that just the Guppies died? Next, with the fact that 2 fish died I decided to test my water parameters (I hadn't checked them in 6 days since I usually don't check until before my water change). Well anyway, I checked and everything was through the roof; Ammonia: 4ppm (my seachem kit for free ammonia read .02 and under) Nitrite: Between 2 & 4ppm & Nitrate: 40ppm. Also, right after I tested that I decided to test my pH, which drastically changed it was at 6.2 and last time I checked (last week) it was at 7.4. What is altering my pH? Concerned with the health of my tank, I did a large water change to lower all the levels before any of my other fish died. Now that the water change is done, I realize that my fish are swimming around a lot. Is something wrong? Also, what should I do so no other fish die. Obviously my tank is cycled. What should I do?
Also, as a dechlorinated I use Prime & for testing I use the API Liquid Test Kit.
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