2 Day Old Platy Fry Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by ThisIsMyFishHobby, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. ThisIsMyFishHobby

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    (1 Day Old, not 2) The other day my platy gave birth, at the start they were not active and I was told that given a day they should be moving around. Well, today they are still lethargic and I don't see them eating, I acclimated into a cycled 10 gallon tank so that they would be out of the small pet carrier I placed them into.
    The tank is heated, bare bottom, I do have hiding places and although they are still alive, I never see them moving around the tank.

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I am very worried about them.

    I have also noticed a few look different from the others, a mix between normal bodied and eggyolk still attached.

    Please help.
  2. Fishywife

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    Is the tank filtered? If the water isnt warm enough they will be pretty sluggish. Its also a possibility the mom gave birth a bit early by the sounds of it.

    The only problem I have with my platys is they keep reproducing!.
  3. OP

    ThisIsMyFishHobbyNew MemberMember

    Yes it is heated, cycled, filtered and that's what I figured too, that she had them slightly earlier, luckily though, they are alive. I bought her and she was already pregnant, Have no idea who the dad is haha. For me I actually have a hard time making them reproduce, same goes for My mollies too.
  4. luckdown

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    Did you make sure the water in that tank matched the water they were born in exactly? You really shouldn't put them in new water (even after acclimating them) until they're a week old. I've killed a batch of fry forgetting this simple fact. They died within a day and a half after not really wanting to move much. And I killed 3 others from another batch forgetting this as well maybe this isn't the case for everyone but it's been the case for me each time I've accidentally done it before the first week was up

    Though with eating they don't eat the first few days or at least my 4 batches never did
  5. OP

    ThisIsMyFishHobbyNew MemberMember

    That might be my issue slightly, I sort of paniced, thought I was prepared, yet I wasn't, I just spoke to My uncle about this and he told me that I needed to let them alone for a few day's. It is cycled water though from another tank, but hey I'm learning from experience. The female was pregnant when I bought her from the store and I also think she had them a tad bit early.
  6. Hunter1

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    Do you have fry food?

    The clean bottom is a good idea although vacuuming with small fry, you have to be careful. You can suck fry up from a couple of inches away quickly. I don’t cover my vacuum because it inhibits getting crud out. But a nylon stocking over the vacuum will work.
  7. luckdown

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    Through trial and error I have learned this method: fill up 1 gallon container 1/4 of the way up with water from the tank they were born in. Catch fry with turkey baster. Put into that container. Add some java moss. Don't feed for first 3 days. After that add tiny tiny bits of fry food multiple times a day. After a week add a little bit of water from the freshly cleaned growout tank. Keep adding a little bit of water from that tank everyday until it's either halfway full or full (should only take a week max). Then add the fry and all of that water to the growout tank. Repeat with each batch. The growout tank can always be cleaned as normal because they'll always be old enough to handle it in there.

    You could probably get away with doing the transition faster (fastest I've done with no issues is 2.5 days) but this is what worked best for me. And what resulted in 0 deaths

    Even if she's not with a male right now she can keep giving birth from the past breedings for a few months (I forget how many it takes for her to stop) so don't worry if they do die off. You'll have more from her in a month. Sometimes the fry aren't meant to survive

    And after that first week fry are very forgiving to learning mistakes. I've made plenty but I've only had fry die from my mistakes during the first week window
  8. luckdown

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    It seems as though my fish decided to follow suit lol found 9 fry so far who were born while I was sleeping xD
  9. Madeline Peterson

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    I don't bother to remove my fry. I just add plenty of real or plastic plants so they have places to hide from their parents. The slower fry might get eaten, but slow fry are unhealthy fry and would likely die anyways.
  10. Hunter1

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    If you want numbers, move em.
    If you don’t, leave em the main tank.

    A few will survive anyways.

    I had one male fry survive in a 36, heavily planted, heavily stocked tank. When he was about 3 months old, daddy chased him around the tank relentlessly. I ended up moving him anyways.

    I have scooped up 100s of day old guppy fry, put them in the rearing tank next door and have had great success with them living and growing big.