2 Canister Filters - A Few Questions

  1. KevInLA Member Member

    Hi everyone,

    Im getting a new tank set up soon (48x15x18) and plan on operating 2 canister filters. During the cycling I will only be using 1 (Fluval 306). Once cycled and before I add fish I plan on running a second filter for at least a week or so before adding any fish. I'll have the full stand and canopy setup. Here are my questions:

    1 - Is it better to have 2 of the same exact filter size, or can I use a Fluval 206 as my second one?
    2 - Which areas of the tank would be best for inflow & outflow? I was thinking of 1 inflow on one side and the other on the other side diagonal from each other. I want to create the best flow possible and prevent any dead zones.
    3 - Should I have 1 outflow pointed up and the other down?

    Any respones or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. DIYhack Member Member

    I have two 406's on my 90. Exact same size doesn't matter though.

    The inflow/outflows will be something you will play with. I change mine every once in awhile. But I have both outs in a corner together, both ins next to each other like 2/3's in the middle pointing away from the outs to the other corner. Makes the tank a giant spinning toilet bowl. I did both in opposite corners and it was fighting currents. (I have a overflow though so you don't see any of the equipment minus the inlets)
    3. will be something you will play with as well (I don't)

  3. grantm91 Fishlore VIP Member

    Could you not just get an fx6 ? There great i have one on my 120g, if i were to do what you are suggesting id keep the intakes on one side and outlets on the other. I do that on my 2 fw tanks. I thought about doing it too because i had a sun sun cycled but i just sold it and got a fx6.
  4. fissh Well Known Member Member

    If you already have a 306 and a 206 I'd use them, but if you don't match the filters, that way you only have to stock one type of filter inserts.

  5. KevInLA Member Member

    thanks, ill likely put both outputs on one end instead of crossing them, seems more practical.
  6. KevInLA Member Member

    Yea that seems to be what majority does so ill likely follow suit. Id rather have 2 filters in the event of one failing. Id rather try and mitigate a problem as much as possible rather than relying upon a singular piece of equipment. Thats jsut my preference. Thanks for the reply.
  7. KevInLA Member Member

    I only have the 306 right now, but even though you can never have too much filtration, i dont think another 306 would be necesssary for a 60 gal. appreciate the reply.

  8. grantm91 Fishlore VIP Member

    If you already have a 306 don't get another canister, i just seen its a 60g, if anything look at a HOB or an internal, on my first 55 i ended up starting with an internal filter then i got a canister and just kept the internal for flow and water polishing, that tank looked and ran great there are a lot of ways to go power heads etc just think on it and experiment.
  9. DIYhack Member Member

    Can't go wrong with an FX6. I do like the flex of two filters though. I pack one with polishing pads and other crap and leave the other normal. Water is way more crystal.
  10. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Unless there's a huge cost difference I'd get another 306. Same parts and filter material.