I just wanted to know what other sand I could use instead of the ones at my LFS?


Here in the uk,
alot of people use play pit sand they type used in childs sand pits, you can get slightly diff shades dept where you buy it,
you can get about 15kg for £2.99 nice and cheap..


Pool filter sand is the most popular option. Only a few dollars for heaps of it & it has rounded grains so it can't hurt your fishes gill. Playsand is a valid option but you should be carefull that the grains are rounded rather than sharp or it can irritate or even damage your fishes gills if they like to dig.


I am really into the pool filter sand. It is indeed very cheap, as Nutter mentioned; I have a 50 lb. bag that is still nearly full, and I've used it now in a 20g, a 10g, and a 3g. It is also very heavy; so the filter does not pick it up and throw it around, so you shouldn't have to worry about it getting into the intake and burning out your filter. For the same reason, I find it easy to keep clean and siphon, as unless you're sticking your vac into the sand you shouldn't have a problem with any of it getting pulled into it. I even tried burying an airstone under it, and even then it still wasn't blown up into the water column; all that ended up happening, is that the sand eventually shifted off of it.

It is also very clean right off the bat. I do not have to wash any of the pfs that I use in my tanks. It never clouds the water at all, even at first set up. I'm not sure of the different kinds of the sand however; so unless someone else has experience with other kinds, I'd make sure that if you go that route that the packaging says it is prewashed, or wash it first yourself.

*edited to add:* I don't have any experience with playsand, but from what I've read there is a lot more washing involved in using it; and you have to really pay attention to what you are getting. I was under the impression that some types of playsand have fungicides and such in it to keep the kiddies in the sandboxes safe, so you'd have to make sure that whatever you purchase does NOT contain any chemical additives.
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