2.5g Planted Open Top Riparium

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by MossBall, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. MossBallValued MemberMember

    This is still (as of today) in the idea stages so no ideas posted are bad ideas.

    I got an extra piece of Manzanita burl today with my order for my 33g Long and I am considering doing a true planted tank where the growth emerges from the water line of the tank. This would be the first tank without a cover I have ever done. I liked the idea when I was doing research on my 33g pants.

    This is going to be a low budget build. I am using the free wood I got. I also have a free piece of bamboo I have floating in my 10 gallon that I would plant in here. The tank itself is very cheep at petsmart. I would use the left over eco complete from my 33g build.

    Any tips, suggestions or ideas are welcome.

    Also, I know someone is going to ask, what are you going to keep in here? And the answer honestly is IDK. There is no current plans for live animals. Maybe in the future I will see something in the pet store I like or online but this is more of a plant only aquasacping build focusing on getting plants to grow above and beyond the water line.
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  2. MossBallValued MemberMember

    After doing research on this all day, I found out what I want to do is called a Marginal Riparium. It simulates a marsh where the plants and hard scape grow above the water line. This will most likely be a project I do this Saturday or Sunday since my 33g long will be my Friday project and I am going to use left over supplies to make this tank.
  3. MossBallValued MemberMember

    So as of today I am going forward with this tank. This should not take me much time at all to build. I bought all the plants I want to use online since they were such specialty varieties that my LFS did not have.

    I am using eco complete like stated above. A Manzanita wood burl and a petrified wood stone as hardscape.
    I am planting a Lucky Bamboo, lots of Acorus Gramineus Variegatus(Striped Japanese Sweetflag), an Aluminum Plant, and an Anubias Frazeri.

    Now origially I said I was going to do plants only and I still might. However if I do house an animal, I am going to have a half dozen Danionella Translucida Which get to .35 inches fully grown. The problem is finding them. They are basically non existent online or in stores.

    This tank will not have a heater or a filter. Temp will be 73F/74F I am hoping that BB will grow on the wood and the plants can filter the rest. If I get the Danionella, I might put a small piece of filter media sponge in there for BB to grow on.

    I will post pictures here next week once all the plants arrive and I am done building my 33g Long.
  4. MossBallValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone. Hopefully now with a picture I can get some replys.
    I decided to take out the peice of wood that started this whole idea because having it stick out of the water wasnt letting it become bogged down and it would randomly float up.
    So now with more room to swim, I decided to put (what I think) is a pair of Dario Dario.
    I will try and get you a picture of the female so hopefully someone can confirm it's a female. They did the whole "wrap around eachother" dance yesterday but now they flare up next to eachother, the male won't let the female eat, and the male agressivly chases the female and pins her in the corner and she goes limp.

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  5. PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    That looks beautiful. Thanks for not giving up and still posting despite of no replies :)

    Unfortunately, I think 2.5 gal is too small for anything but a large fin betta. I'd be afraid for the female since she can't get away.
  6. MossBallValued MemberMember

    This is what I thought was the female, but based on the pictures zoomed in, it looks more like a submissive male. From the naked eye, it looks almost traslucent. Nowhere near as much color as the pictures.

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  7. MossBallValued MemberMember

    @Piaelliott I almist agree. Based on today's behavior, I am heavily considering returning the submissive one. I will give it one more day to see if he calms down abd if not, one lone male is fine with me.

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