2.5 gallons for Mexican dwarf crayfish?

  1. SmilingJocker Member Member

    I have a 2.5 gallon sitting by that was used as a quarantine tank full now..
    I'm not going to have any more new fishes so I'm wondering if I can have an orange crayfish in this tank..?
  2. s hawk Well Known Member Member

    I looked into it when I had a 2.5. Granted I will push the limits. I seem to recall thinking I could if I added substrate, have it be the only thing in there, and be on top of water and cycle. I would look into it more and see what people say. It could be done but probably shouldn't be done. Hopefully someone else comes along.
  3. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Thanks! I'll see what the others think.
  4. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldn't. Felipe uses every inch of the 20 high he's in. I wouldn't put one in anything less than a 5.
  5. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Ok, than you!
  6. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Would Thai micro crabs work for this aquarium?
  7. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    I have the crabs in a 5.5 and rarely see them so far, haha. I'd imagine you could have some but dwarf shrimp might be less shy. I've only had mine a few days though so maybe someone with more experience can chime in.
  8. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Alright. Thank you!
  9. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    I recommend keeping Thai micro crabs in a 5gallon tank or bigger. Also they're not the best thing to keep because they're hard to see and always hiding. I'd recommend some nano shrimp (red cherry ect) and those you can keep 2-5 per gallon depending on upkeep filtration ect. They're always active and don't hide much and they will reproduce so you can watch the moms take care of their eggs and watch the little babies grow up and it's very satisfying. Also depending on plants heating and filtration you might be able to keep a mystery snail or a nerite. I love my mysterys and my shrimp ride around on them lol.

    Oh and a deffinite no on the Mexican dwarf.
  10. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Alright thanks! I already have cherry shrimps so I was hoping to get something else that will be interesting.
    Can the crabs work if I up the filtration and provide enough hiding spots?
    And thank you for moving it to the right place! :)
  11. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Have you thought about a different color of shrimp? Maybe start a colony of the more rare colors in your area and sell the excess to turn a profit.
  12. SmilingJocker Member Member

    That seems like an interesting plan...
    I'll look into it. Thanks!
  13. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Any interesting suggestions for shrimps?
    I'm not looking to having more cherry shrimp..so, something other than that
  14. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Well mostly that species is going to be it. Bamboo shrimp are filter feeders, I think a 2.5 could get too dirty trying to keep them fed. Amano get considerably larger. You could do ghost but I'd definitely look into blue, green, yellow, black, or maybe orange dwarf shrimp for that size tank.
  15. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    If you want to just avoid neo caridina completely, then skip to the next two shrimp options. If you just don't want a red cherry shrimp, get a different variant, like carbon rili or blue dream.

    Or go caridina. They are far more difficult to keep though, and will require ro/di remineralized water for the most part. Wild counterparts aren't as sensitive, but still prefer acidic water.

    Or you could go Sulawesi, who prefer a high ph, low gh kh water, best done with ro/di again. Both will require buffering substrates.
  16. SmilingJocker Member Member

    How about the crystal reds?
  17. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Crystal reds are caridina shrimp, gonna need acidic water with a low kh and gh. Especially the s+ grades. I don't think any grade of crs will survive regular tap unless your real close already.
  18. SmilingJocker Member Member

    K thanks!