1st time angle breeder needs help !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by euphiesman, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Hi I have a breeding pair of angles in a 4ft community tank, every five weeks or so they become very agressive to the other fish and span on either my internal filter or a plant leaf, about four days later they're gone! Could I put the leaf into a breeding net? or move the whole lot to a second tank on their own? would this tank need a filter? Sooooooo many questions what I need is someone to corespond with to answer all my question, be prepared for some that may seem stupid.

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    I have 2 pairs of angels in a 55 gal. and usually have eggs about every 2 weeks.  They seem to know what they're doing, but the eggs never even get to the wiggler stage.  I asked the breeder about it, and he told me it was probably because I have 2 pair in the same tank.  So your situation could either be that they are inexperienced and it will take a few tries to get it right, or maybe some of the other inhabitants are eating the eggs at night.  You will probably have to remove the leaf of whatever they spawn on from the tank and put it in a tank with an airstone in it blowing bubbles over the eggs to keep them fungus free.  You could also try moving the pair to a breeding tank (I hear 20 gal. high is ideal) and see if they will be okay on their own.  It's really just hit or miss for you right now.  Hopefully they will get it right in the future, or you will have to raise the fry without the parents.   

    I found this here on Fishlore in the article section which may be of help:

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    This is what I did with my first two spawns. Since my angels tend to spawn on a rock laying flat on top of a terra cotta pot I took the rock out and put it in a glass gallon Jar with 1/2 tank water and 1/2 fresh dechlorinated water and enough Methylene Blue(to keep fungus down and aid oxygenation) to make the water very dark blue. I also added a bubble stone. I set this under a lamp and it seems to stay plenty warm. Every day change about 50% of the water. in about 4 days you will have wigglers and in about 3 more days free swimmers. All the M. blue has to be gone by the time they are free swimmers. After the free swimmers have used up their egg sac then feed Baby brine shrime or micro-worms. If you drain the water down !/2 way then feed then they don't have to hunt so hard for food. then do a water change. Water needs to be canged after each meal. You can leave them in the jar 1 week before moving them to a larger tank. But large water changes MUST be done religiously. Now thats the hard way.
    This is what I do now. Move mom and dad into a 20G. high with their favorite rock, let them do their thing, watch for eggs to hatch, watch for wigglers, watch for free swimmers,start feeding BBS and micro-worms, enjoy watching all of them. Leave mom and dad with fry up to a week. Then move mom amd dad back to their tank. Continue to do LARGE water changes every day. Feed fry often. keep a check on water parameters.It's alot of work but well worth it.If I leave them in the community tank their tankmates are more than willing to eat their eggs. Hope that helps.