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    Hello. I am deciding and leaning toward starting some live plants in my 29gallon tank. I nee to know the following.
    1) what substrates work
    2) what are some easy plants
    3) what care would I need to do
    4) how much money for everything

  2. aquatic Valued Member Member

    I have a medium lit 55 gallon tank. I'm using pool filter sand for substrate and they are growing just fine. When I moved my 37 into this 55, the plants roots were pretty long in the sand, so I feel confident they are the same now. For the types of plants, it depends on the types of lights you are using. I'm currently using a pair of 32w 6500k bulbs. I've had an easy time growing guppy grass, java moss, java fern, and alternanthera reineckii.

    As for cost, it pretty much depends on what you currently have and what you are looking to grow.

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  4. Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    Hello again!

    LED lights aren't too good for growing plants. Sadly, that's about as much as I know about lighting XD Hopefully other members can comment.

    I have three planted tanks, all have a gravel substrate. If you were to try some more advanced plants, you may want to go with another substrate, but it works for the fairly easy-to-keep plants :)

    Some of the plants that even I (a fairly poor excuse for a plant-keeper) managed to keep alive:

    *onion plants (and other bulbs that you can find at Petco)
    *java fern

    Some members would say that anarchis is also easy to keep, but it's not looking too good for me so far!
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    Like dolphinlover101, I have my plants in gravel. No special lighting; no fertilizers. In addition to the list provided I've had pretty good success with cryptocorene (sp?), especially the red and bronze wendettii.

    You can get them at PetSmart or Petco for $3-$4 in pots. The ones I bought were very well rooted and big enough to divide.
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  6. aquatic Valued Member Member

    I'm not a lighting expert but am fairly certain you can grow with led as long as it meets the light range for plants (around 5000k-10000k).
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    Well I really want to give at least 1 a try. I've heard that people tie it around driftwood!...? Could I do that, or just put it in gravel. What special care or items do I need? I want either a java fern or an easy tall(10-18 inch) plant?
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    I have pieces of java fern tied to my driftwood. I also tie it to a sinker - you leave a little extra line hanging off the side of the knot = and attach the sinker there. Bury the sinker under a rock and the plant = that doesn't actually like to be planted - sort of just sits there on the gravel. It's easy to move if you want a different look or if the plants need a different space.

    An easy tall plant is water wisteria. It's relatively cheap and usually readily available. Just be sure to check the roots before you accept the plant. They root at the 'sections' along the stem, but you want nice roots just above where the plant was in contact with the planting medium. You can bury them relatively deep in gravel.

    If you try the crypts in the pots, they're very easy and attractive. I have horse-faced loaches that cruise through the gravel and uproot plants. So, when I plant, I remove the plant and the growing medium from the little plastic pot and clean off the plant. Put the cleaned plant back in the plastic pot and fill around the roots in the pot with gravel from the tank. Don't set the plant too deep in the pot - you just want to hold the roots down until the plant gets established - so hold the plant at the desired height as you're adding gravel. Make a hole in the gravel in the tank to bury the pot. The plants do well and the plastic pots won't hurt the loaches.
  9. Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    Oh yeah! I forgot about water wisteria. That would be a nice, easy plant; I started off with a few, and ended up with a jungle!

    Oops! I didn't mean to say you can't grow plants with LED lights- I've actually got LED for my 10 gallon, and the anubias in there look good.
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