180L (47.5 USg) Setup

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    Retrospectively creating a thread partly to remind me what I have been up to ;)

    I got a Juwel Rio 180 tank at the beginning of May leaving the LFS with
    • Tank (included 200W heater, internal filter, 2x45W T5 tubes, lid and stand)
    • Thermometer
    • Small bit of driftwood
    • A couple of aquarium rocks
    • Squidward Tentacle's house
    • 3 bags of Unipac 2-4mm Nordic gravel
    • Dechlorinator
    • Sunken Galleon ornament

    I inherited an Ehim 2217 (Classic 600) canister filter from my dad so first job was to rip out the internal filter (which was stuck on inside a big plastic enclosure using some very difficult to remove black silicon blobs).

    I also ordered media for the filter and the grey installation kits (did not fancy the look of the standard green ones) and setup the filter as per https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/...ters-guide-setup-maintanence-tips-tricks.html

    Ended up going back to LFS and bought a stupid amount of aquarium rocks and ended up with

    I filled it with water and went to an fish store near where I work and bought some plants
    This is a Java Fern (note the lead weight still on it :eek:) a few amazon swords, a crypt near the sunken galleon, some Bacopa caroliniana just about visible behind the tock and some Vallisneria.

    Due to holidays this sat there with the heater set to 24C and the filter running for a few weeks.

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    So after doing some (a lot) of research I came to the conclusion that the gravel I had was not ideal if I wanted to have corys or loaches and also got a little concerned about flow around the large rocks (https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/filters-filtration/229161-spray-bar-position-flow-dead-spots.html)

    So after a lot of procrastination I decided that I actually wanted sand and after spending a fortune of aquarium rocks I decided that I actually wanted to go with a some driftwood rather than rocks,

    So I stripped the tank right back, and replaced with substrate with Unipac Limpopo black sand (a little difficult to obtain locally and only one out of eight stores I visited had any).

    Also added two reasonable sized bits of wood, some Anubias (one barteri nana, one barteri caladifolia), Java Moss, Rotala, Lilaeposis Brasilensis, moss balls and some white pebbles resulting in

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    Now with help from this forum I got the tank cycled (https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/aquarium-nitrogen-cycle/230644-nitrates-cycle-root-tabs.html) and I am ready to add fish.

    I used household ammonia (Value stuff from Homebase which was not mentioned on their website but was available instore) and this seems to have done the trick.

    I used a set of Tropica root tabs which seem to have really helped the crypt, Lilaeposis, Rotala and Vallisneria but not so much the swords (which is why I bought them in the first place). That said the swords do look a little better than they did.

    As of today the tank looks like
    Only on comparison did I see the growth of the Rotala
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    So what I have learnt?

    First off is research, research, research. I wasted a lot of time (and money) buying gravel and rocks at LFS because I liked the look of them rather than figuring out what the fish / plants I was going to stock needed.

    Dip your plants (although I still have not got this sorted). Not sure which set of plants (they came from three different LFS) they came in on but I have a fair few snails (look like standard pond snails according to google). I originally squished a few of them but I guess they will eat algae so I have left around 10 in there. I did consider getting some Zebra Loaches to eat them but this was my main reason for looking at them so I figured that was not great and I would go with Sterbai Cory instead. If I do get more snails I will create my own snail trap and try and remove them.

    Don't take one site as gospel. I initially looked at a couple of sites for stocking advice, temp compatibility etc and this was fine but doing some research (see point 1) I quickly found a lot of contradictory sites with different values. Trust people with experience over stats on a webpage :)

    Similar to the above, don't assume everything you read is right. There are a lot of different opinions out there and I have often seen some polar opposite views. I just tried to figure out a middle ground and go with that (eg. whether or not to do a fishless cycle with plants, what ppm to dose ammonia to etc.)
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