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Almost done building my 180 tank just some tidying up to do. Trying to get some thoughts in my stocking idea.
Tank is at 78. And working the ph down to 7.0
3-4 needle nose gar
15 tiger barbs
5 pictus catfish
1 salvini
1 blue acara
Going to add 4-5 convict cichlids in hopes that two pair up and tank them out to mate.
Would like an odd ball like a crayfish, eel, or birch. But that's more of if I can find something compatible.
Should they all work together? Any room to add more?


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I'm not sure I'd trust the gar with the tiger barbs and the cichlids could end up bullying the gars and each other (especially the convicts and especially if they mate). Most eels should be okay with the gar since they're too big to fit in it's mouth. However you'd better use either fake plants/plants in pots/plants that grow on decor like java fern and anubias since gars enjoy a well planted tank and eels tend to uproot plants. This again is a problem since cichlids like to tear apart plants. Maybe try:

4 needle nose gar
1 peacock eel (or other spiny eel)
Pair of Angelfish (or keyhole cichlids; both are easy on plants and more peaceful, although you will still likely experience some territorial aggression when they start breeding)
5 pictus cats (I'm not sure about these personally; I can't remember if water parameters match up or not)

After that you should still have a little bit of room left to work with. The main thing is to also be careful to not add anything that would be too aggressive a feeder since needle nose gar are poor competitors.
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