16G - NEW TANK, everyone happy.

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16G - NEW TANK, everyone happy. ** Final Scape **

HI all,
So I've just finished transferring the population from the little 5.5G to my new 16G (70Lt). Everyone is still settling in, but so far it looks like business as usual.

Thought I'd share some photos etc....

The Basics (also in my profile, but for those that can't be bothered):
Setup date (substrate and first fill) : 14/2/2009
Cycle Method: Seeded media from my established canister.

Tank (internal dimensions):
Length Width Height Surface Area
cm 58.50 31.00 38.00 1813.5 cm2
in 23.03 12.20 14.96 281.12 in2

Substrate: Seachem Flourite Black, Lighting: Octopus Litemaster (T5HO, 1 x 18000K, 1 x 6700K, 2 x LED Blue Moonlight), Filter: Eheim Classic 2213, Heater: Eheim Jager 100W, Background: 3D Rock/cliff, Air pump: Eheim 200 with Aqua One undergravel flexible 15cm air stone.

Population: 2 x M Dwarf Gourami, 7 x Glowlight Tetra, 2 x B/N Catfish (more to come, 2 x Blue Ram prob)
Plants: 1 bunch Fine Red Rotala, 2 x Crypt, 1 x Unknown (more to come)
Plus 2 pieces driftwood.
Fertiliser: Seachem Flourish, Seachem Flourish Excel

Water parameters: temp: 28C, pH 7.2, GH ~142ppm, KH ~ 60ppm, Amm: 0, NitrIte: 0, NitrAte: 0ppm

Here's the pic's:
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Hello ryanr,

You've done a wonderful job! Tanks for sharing the photos with us!
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Thanks, it's kinda hard to get a good photo of the moonlights in action, but it looks awesome under soft blue lights.

The top of the 3d background will probably get some form of moss on it, and I'll get some more hiding places on the r/h side (for the blue rams when I get them) and maybe some more plants or just split the bunch I have.

PS - Thanks to everyone for their advice on this setup, I'm really happy with where it's ended up.
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They all made it through the night! yay

It was a little hard tracking down the b/n on the black substrate :;rofl but a quick headcount and they're all still there. And seem happy.

I might drill out the spray bar holes to reduce the current, but other than that, a pretty successful move.
Algae Eater
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Great job!
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It looks fantastic! great job
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Great looking tank and I'm glad the move is going well.
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Thanks for the compliments, it's my new pride and joy.

The only artificial thing is the 3D background, everything else will be real in this tank.

I'm thinking about splitting the bunch of Red Rotala and putting some on the RHS of the tank, or maybe in the middle....

Still tossing up some final aquascaping ideas, but won't do this till I get my blue ram(s).

Holding off on new fish, just in case I get a mini-cycle, although with seeded media I should be ok.
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Ryan, your tank looks really great, glad all your fish are happy with it, too!
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It looks great! I love your centerpiece.
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New Aquascape for my guys

x for all the nice comments.
So I couldn't help myself today, I went and got some rocks and another big bit of driftwood for the tank.

Here's the finished scape. Little caves, a tunnel, but still a decent amount of swim space (the whole top of the tank ) I also got some moss on rocks to grow along the top of the cliff.

Hope you all enjoy it.
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That looks really nice..but any stem plant H-A-T-E being bunched up...most need atleast a little bit of space to grow...

Oh, B/N plecos don't belong in anything smaller then a 55gal...mine have proved this to me[mine are in a 55gal right now and movin' up to a 180gal]. They may be pretty small, but they produce a LOT of waste....lol

Good luck with your tank!
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that looks great ryan! I'm very jealous...

I want black substrate now!
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Nice job looks beautiful.


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