16 Gallon Bowfront

  1. T'sTropicalTanks

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  2. Nart

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    Could work, though not optimal for a thriving condition.
  3. grantm91

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    I looked in to chromis my self as the gf liked them, i have a 32g rimless thing like a cube shape. After watching videos of them i decided even my tank would be too small as id want at least 6-7 to get the real effect of them shoaling up and down. Just my input though. The old 16g i had housed my 2clowns and a blue neon goby, that was it fish wise, with the smaller tanks i get most of my enjoyment out of the corals and inverts.
  4. Cranks_Tanks

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    They should get along just fine. That's pretty cramped for 5 fish though. Usually I'm pretty generous about stocking advice but depending on how much rock you have, it can be a pretty sad environment for adult clowns.