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ive heard so many negitive things about this tank but i bought it because i moved somewhere where i couldnt keep my 29g setup. so i sold my fish out and i got a 15g and i regret it although its very ascetically pleasing.
This originally started out as a betta tank

ive had her set up for a year and shes gone thru many changes
she started out with a sponge filter and live plants
only for me to realize that my live plants dont get enough light and promplty died
and my sponge filter caught way too much debris and created too much of a current for my betta who couldn't swim near the top of my tank with out getting sucked to the top of my tank.
31945119_983938441781593_8890381062027345920_n (1).jpg
so i scrapped the bubblers and the sponge filter and replaced it with the filter it came with and switched my dead plants out for some fake ones
i got bored of this large tank for my betta and moved him over to my 5g till i could have a community tank for my betta, and i got platies and cories
i then learned my platies were dying due to the lack of oxygen at the bottom of my tank so i decided to re add the bubbler and move some stuff around
thus my tank (currently on vacation so i'm not entirely sure how her parameters look right now)
i've killed off so many platies in my tank i've lost motivation and scrapped my whole original tank idea of a center fish. so here sits my current tank.
that cant hold any fish
when i get back i'm installing a new filter(fluval 30) that is suppose to help with water flow and id really like to add live plants again hoping that the new led light i bought can penetrate deep enough into my tank, reviews say in penatrates 25inchs deep but ill have to see for myself.

here's a couple photos of my current inhabitants
31955936_983938605114910_3554043247976251392_n.jpg 31956962_983938818448222_2062817348535975936_n (2).jpg 31958005_983938845114886_2637146585879805952_n.jpg 32104479_983938791781558_2038779773789929472_n (2).jpg


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Hi @Sleepdelusions
I don't see any specific questions in your post. So I don't know if you are looking for advice, or just sharing. But....
I hate to say it, but the footprint of those 15g column tanks is WAY too small for cories or platies. Or most fish in general. Heck, The cories would have a better footprint in the 5 gallon! That column tank is only approx. 13x13 inches. Even a 5g is 16 inches long.

Here's the thing. I am talking through experience here. I had one of those tanks once years ago. I agree, they are kind of cool looking. But I got rid of it after a while because it is not suitable for any fish. Even a betta has trouble in that tank because of its height. I'm not trying to be a downer, but you may just continue to have problems with fish in that tank due to is abnormally small footprint. :-(
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