150g NPT blog!

  1. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    it's finally set up! not complete...but this is what it looks like so far. i used miracle grow organic choice garden soil, capped with tahitian moon sand.

    flora: crypts, italian vals, jungle vals, anubias, dwarf sag, java fern. the lights i have right now, are 3 work lights, with 60w cfls. this is obviously low light. i may get glass tops, and use my 4ft fixture, supplemented with something else. but for now...this is how it is.

    fauna: most of them came from the 75. kerri, pristella and cardinal tetras. 1 angel, 3 thick lipped gouramis, 1 banded gourami, 1 lone rainbowfish, 10 cories, 2 s.nigrita catfish, 3 bolivian rams, 1 a.atahualpa apisto. i want to get pearl gouramis, and add to the school of the 25 cardinals.

    i have a fluval fx5 canister on it....filled with ceramic media, and lava rock.

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  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Oooooooooo!!!!!!!! Can I trade you for one of my tanks? =D
  3. nuc99705 Initiate Member

    Nice looking tank!! I am jealous
  4. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    sure akari, you can come up and get it...and take it apart....but be sure to have a large suv to put it in! hahaha.

    thanks nuc

    i'm probably going to get a black background for it...
  5. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    I betchu I can fit it in my Pontiac Vibe >=3
  6. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    lol noooo way! would not be fitting in there. you'd have to leave the back open and sitting on the roof
  7. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Never doubt the packing abilities of Akari LOL
  8. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Oh that's looking great Jeri! In the first pic I thought one of your plants had little blue flowers.:giggle:
  9. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    little cardinal tetra flowers haha. I'm mad cos the bronze crypt wendtii I stole from the 75, melted all the way to nothing. and the green one I bought did the same thing. grrrr.

  10. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Aw :( isn't having crypts a love/hate relationship? Lol
  11. Gamer Well Known Member Member

    Great tank! I really dig NPT set ups. I'm also looking into those clamp on work lights as I do more and more research I am learning that those babies can work great for low budget! Really good stuff so far. Sorry bout the crypts though. Sucks.
  12. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    thanks gamer. im really sad about the bronze ones....i love the color they give .ill get more most likely. the clamp lights work well. you can put whatever you want in them. I was thinking about putting a4th one on. the tank is 29 inches deep...so I just want to make sure enough light it's hitting the bottom

  13. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Too bad about your crypts, but they'll grow back! Clamp lights eh. . . I think I'll have to get one for the snail tank! It's lightless and plantless. :(

    I can't believe those are cardinals! They look like neon fry in there! lol
  14. sanjin Well Known Member Member

    The tank looks great! I'll be excited to see how it grows in. I'm sure the wendtii will come back. Did you air out your soil first? As I understand, having some fast growing floating plants at first can help a NPT get balanced quicker (and avoid an algae outbreak), but since you've got your canister hooked up, maybe you don't need that?
  15. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    well I set up a couple other npts before this... so I made sure it went ok. I didn't air out the soil....i mean it sat in there for a few days, until the tms came.

    I do have frogbit and water lettuce...and im going to pull some najas from another tank...to float. idk about the wendtiis. there is nothing at all left...not even a stem. this has happened before...and they never came back. we'll see. they had a total melt down. usually if I move one...they only have a partial one.

  16. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    :( Well I hope they come back! Are you going to be getting anymore angels? I'd fill it up with them;)
  17. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    i'm not sure about more angels. i'd consider it. today i actually got 5 pearl gouramis. love!
  18. cletus Member Member

    Looks great. I plan on doing a NPT one of these days. It may be just the picture, but it kind of looks like you have a few dead spots with the lights.
  19. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    You BETTER be postin' pictures, missy!
  20. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    cletus: there may be a couple dead spots....i'm just testing this lighting out really...to see how the plants respond in a tank this tall, with the limited light.

    i might add another light as well. which would have been super easy...as i had one laying next to the tank. howeverrrr, while i was pulling the phyton hose up the stairs...i didn't know the one light cord was wrapped with the hose. well i yanked the light off the tank, and it fell in! :eek: i grabbed the cord and pulled it out as fast as i could. i was like, you can not electrocute your fish! especially the new ones! haha. but everyone seems to be fine. the light though, i'm not sure. i'm letting it dry out...then i'll see.