10 Gallon Tank 150 Watt Preset 79

To much for a 10gal aquarium temp is creeping up to 84 and it's 76 in the house it's a fluval preset 79 degrees
I have two tanks 10 gal with adjustable heater 50watt and 25gal with the fluval 150watt preset79 heater
I thought I would switch them around because my 25 gal is running 74 degrees on the cooler side and it's not adjustable
My 10 g tank is 50watt and can be adjusted
What are your thoughts I can put the 150watt on a timer
My thought is a faulty heater. If it's preset and goes beyond that by 5 degrees in your case something is definitely wrong with it.
How long ago did you get this heater? I'd contact fluval and see if it can be replaced or returned.
That's one of the issues with Preset heaters and your ambient temperature. Also if you have lights turned on will heat the tank up. Here is a table to select your heater. I suggest not using a preset heater. It may be a faulty heater like nikm128 suggest.

Delta T is the difference in room temperature to the temperature of what you want in your tank.

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