150 gallon tank

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    hellsing4mcnealy New Member Member

    Im setting up a 150 gallon tank and I want to turn it into a themed community tank, I'm thinking of either amazon, African or asian themed, does anyone have any suggestions for any of the themes? I'm looking to make it as diverse as comfortably possible.
  2. Plecomaker

    Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Sure, im sure others will others will comment but if youre looking for diversity, throw somebody skinny with some one chunky. Asian example might be kuhli loaches with gouramis
    african some calmer cichlids with reedfish

    either could fit a schooling fish in there, a huge school of rasbora for the asians or some congo tetras for the africans.

    oh easy sa tank a pair of angel fish, big school of lemon tetras or another type, 4 keyhole cichlids, and 6-8 cory cats.