15 Gallon Tank Stocked

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Nameer Khan, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Nameer KhanNew MemberMember

    Hi there,
    I have a 15 gallon aquarium that has a canister filter that runs 40g/hr. The tank is heavily planted and gets 10% water change everyday. Doe this tank have any space or is it overstocking or fine the way it is?

    3 freshwater pom pom crabs
    15 (estimate) blue dream shrimp
    2 nerite snails
    4 amano shrimp (estimate)
    5 guppies + fry
    5 kuhli loaches
  2. kallililly1973Well Known MemberMember

    sounds overstocked to me. Do you have any pics. You could experience a mini cycle doing WC's everyday. and if you already have guppies And fry chances are there are going to be many many many more to come