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Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by Ziggythecat, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    What are some small easy to care for reptiles or amphibians that I can keep in a 15 gallon tank? It is 24x12x12 long. It was used for my fish, but they are in the 60 gallon now. My mother is also not to keen about live food unless it can’t escape so...

    Just want to know, I need to switch things up a bit. I feel like it’s a waste of tank to not have anything in it. No bugs, that’s my only condition. And the 15 would be permanent for the animal.

    Maybe African dwarf frogs? Or a gecko?

    My hand for comparison. It’s hard to imagine the size of something without seeing it in my opinion.

    View attachment 429404

    I hope you can see the picture

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  2. Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    We cannot I'm afraid

  3. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    I’m sorry it haven’t been working for me.

  4. Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Don't be! Try taking a different picture and uploading it ;)
  5. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

  6. emmysjjWell Known MemberMember

    Maybe a pacman frog? They would love that! They eat frozen thawed pinkie mice and crickets.
  7. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    Flip it on its side, a crested gecko will do well.
    Leopard gecko is also ok in 15g.
    Pacman frog, tomato frog etc. Lots of frog types.
    Long tailed lizards and other small lizards that don't really do anything, if you want a display-only pet.

    Not good for beardies, gargoyles, leechies, turtles etc.
  8. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    Does anyone know where I might find a door I could put on it, like the ones that open without taking off the top, idk the name of it. But just the cover part of it?
  9. Kolby HoldrenValued MemberMember

    My suggestion would be a leopard gecko. They're super easy to care for. Can feed a varriety of foods. You can make cleaning super easy as well. 15 gallon should be able to house one it's entire life as well.
    Here's a pic of mine in a 10g. She'll soon have a new home in a 20g I have just sitting around. 20180321_204346.jpg
  10. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    My only question is do either crested gecko or leopard gecko need a heat lamp? I know some do to help them digest food
  11. lilabug4545Well Known MemberMember

    Leos need a heat mat, cresties need a heat lamp. I'd recommend green anoles. You usually can't handle them (Mine are an exception, as mine were hand-tamed when they were very young, and are captive bred), but they are so much fun. There is always something going on! Are you looking for a snake? Lizard? Amphibian? What price range (total) are we looking at? These questions will limit the possibilities.
  12. xloeValued MemberMember

    Hey that looks pretty cool! Now I can't help but look up what they eat and what you can grow/decorate in a reptile tank. Hopefully I find a good reason to not buy one :)
  13. Kolby HoldrenValued MemberMember

    Leopard truly only need a heat mat. I have both because the abient temp in the room is pretty cold so both keep the tank at desired temps. Credted def need a lamp

    There is no reason not too.. anoles are boring for me. I have known some that were "ok" with being handled but even those can run and never catch them. Mine weren't able to be handled and we're very boring to watch except for the few times you'd luckily catch them hunting. I just got some green tree frogs and in a few days way more entertaining to watch
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  14. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Man, finding a small reptile that doesn't require at least some feeder insects might be tricky. I think even most geckos need a meal worm or cricket now and then. Would frozen pinky mice in your freezer freak your mom out more or less you think?
  15. Kolby HoldrenValued MemberMember

    As long as it's just crickets she's against. If she's also against worms then ya. He screwed
  16. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Meal worms are pretty unobtrusive, but have to be kept cold to keep them from quickly turning into beetles. Which means in the fridge. Even harmless bugs in the fridge might be upsetting for some people.
  17. Kolby HoldrenValued MemberMember

    A have a storage room in my basement that stays in the low 50s and it's perfect
  18. lilabug4545Well Known MemberMember

    I've found that they're only 'boring' when sick or injured. Tbh gtfks are super cute...
  19. Kolby HoldrenValued MemberMember

    Yeah. True. My larger Bahama actually bit off I one of my smaller anoles foot. Crazy. So also gotta pay attention to small quarals they may have
  20. lilabug4545Well Known MemberMember

    I've found that the only way to keep them from fighting is either in m/f pairs, or m/f/f trios.

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