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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Zentuckyfriedchicken, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Hi all! I have been keeping freshwater fish for a couple of years now, and recently I have been interested in saltwater. The tank in question is my friends brothers old 15 gallon biocube tank. I am getting a sick deal of 20 dollars for the tank and stuff that came with it. Only problem is the bottom panel got busted due to a pressure point on the table. So I will have to replace that, (and have the tank sit filled on the garage for a couple of weeks to check that it holds) then I will be in business! My current stocking plan is 2 clownfish, 1 goby/pistol shrimp pair, and a basic CUC. Is this full for a 15 gallon? Or could I add more?

    Edit: Skip to page 3 if you wish to follow my build.

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  2. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Good luck! :)

    Stocking plan sounds good and is pretty maxed out as far as fish are concerned. You could add interesting inverts and if you put a reef light over it you could eventually add corals or an anemone for the clowns. :)

  3. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    What sort of anemone could I eventually add? I have heard some die easy/get huge.

  4. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    They do not always do well in very young tanks, but once you've got a strong cycle, a good maintenance routine, and are sure parameters are remaining stable, you could add a small bubble tip anemone. These nems are considered a bit hardier than some of their brethren. They too can eventually get quite large but will not grow too quickly with once or twice a week feedings. If you're up for it, you could consider splitting it when it gets large.

    Like corals, they are photosynthetic, so need very good lighting. I tend to find that many lost anemones were either kept under insufficient lighting, in an unbalanced tank or were already sick when they came home. The condy anemone, in particular, (not recommended), is usually bleached when we see it in stores.
  5. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you! I will be picking the tank up today.
  6. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Here is the tank! So cracked bottom panel, no problem. One problem I have is notice the plug for the light. I am going to have to go back to my friends to get the transformer.

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  7. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Congratulations! :D
  8. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Tank is broken down. The quality was questionable. Some of the corners were chipped and covered in silicone, there was 1 edge that had a gap that was filled with silicone (despite the pieces linking up perfectly) also the plexiglass (or acylic idk) for the filter baffles was cemented in place with half a tubes worth of silicone. But it all worked out :). One question, when I rebuild the tank should I rebuild it the same? (Glass to the sides of the bottom) or would it be superior to build the sides on top of the bottom?
  9. tetraboiValued MemberMember

    No experience with saltwater and this is no help but I love clownfish, you can’t go wrong with them, name one Nemo.
  10. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    I honestly don't know. There are some folks here that are great with building and knowledgeable about such things... if only I could think of who that is. Hmmm, perhaps @Culprit @Dave125g or @Lchi87 might know who else we can call on for DIY tank repairs.
  11. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, based on my limited research the way I rebuild doesn’t matter that much. But putting the sides next to the bottom, makes building easier.
  12. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, my idea to get a brand new piece of glass is a bust ($40 for new piece) my new idea is I silicone the 2 broken pieces of glass back together, and put a thin piece of glass covered in silicone over that. Would that work?
  13. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

  14. Lchi87ModeratorModerator Member

    If it were me, I'd do it exactly the way it was before. Why? Because there's gotta be a reason they chose to do it that way, right? :p I am no professional though so please don't take my word for it lol.
  15. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    So I sealed the crack. Waiting 30 mins before razoring off exposed silicone and slapping on the new plate of glass. Wrapped the nozzle in cling wrap so it doesn’t dry while waiting.

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  16. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    So I have made my laminated glass. I am going to put it somewhere safe to cure with a heavy weight on it to got the silicone as thin as possible.
  17. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    My thought is buy a new tank. A 15 gallon is not expensive. It may save you money in the long run. If nothing else piece of mind.
  18. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    The closest equivalent I could find to this tank was $150. To me this is an insane price against my $31 tank (20 before glass and silicone). Honestly I feel better knowing it was me that did the work, I am not just some dude who made this with little personal stakes. On another note, here is the tank! When it cures I will scrape exposed silicone and apply a fresh bead to the edges (inside and out). I will add the filter chambers back when I know the tank will hold. (Fill test for a couple weeks)

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  19. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    I did a fill test earlier. It was a fail. I expected this due to not scraping silicon and reapplying. I put a generous bead on the inside and outside seams and smoothed them with a card. At 9pm tonight I will be able to test again.
  20. ZentuckyfriedchickenWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, I rebuilt the entire tank today. I decided not to lazily just slap new silicone on. This time I am going to wait 24 hours vs the silicones “12 hours until it can be exposed to water”

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