15 Gallon Aquarium for sale in the SF Bay Area

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    mr.fishy Valued Member Member

    Hello Fishlore, I have a 15 gallon all-glass aquarium for sale. All-glass is a well known aquarium manufacturer. This aquarium measures 24"x12"x12". It is 2 cubic feet. This is a nice sized aquarium. The aquarium comes with a lid and fluorescent light. I plugged in the light and it still works. I took a picture of the light test.

    One of the filters is a hang on the back aquaclear 30. People really like aquaclear filters because they have large customizable filter chambers, but they do have restarting issues. I just get it flowing again by touching the propeller with a stick. I'm also giving you an fluval internal filter, so you can choose which filter you want to use.

    I'm also throwing in a brand new net still in the plastic, plus some plastic plants.

    I bought this aquarium back in 2009 and only used it for 2 1/2 years before I bought a bigger aquarium. This is a great deal since you're getting everything you need except a heater. It's a nice starter kit for only $40.