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  1. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Hi All!

    Welcome to my project thread ;)
    Since I'm away from home and have nothing better to do, I have decided to put a bit of effort into setting up my 140L tank. Unfortunately I can't make it a live tank (yet) because in a few months I need to ship it home.

    This is what has been done so far :)

    I am doing the background and gravel/sand black for colouring.

    For the background, I bought black opal glitter(black glitter that shines blue, green purple etc), and blue glitter. I cleaned it with methylated spirits first, then I lightly sprayed it with one of those "easy glue sprays" and sprinkled it lightly with the glitter. I then coated it with enamel spray paint, Black Satin. I needed about 5 solid coats do get a truly black finish.

    Please note... you don't need to do glue to attach glitter, I just found it easier because of wind. And if you try the glitter thing, go heavy. I regret not putting more on! You can see on the back of the tank the effect I was going for, because I added more glitter last minute. Glitter can only vaguely be seen through the front window though :( See pics :)

    More in next post :)

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  2. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    My current aquascaping plan!!

    I am going to use a combination black gravel and black sand substrate.

    To the left of the tank on an angle will be a two piece shipwreck. Between the two pieces will be a nice patch of sand for the corys :)

    In the back left corner will be high thick plants, but I'll leave the front left pretty clear.

    To the front right, I'l going to get low plants (moss style) and do a tier building from low to high plants.

    I want to nestle something in the plants, like little caves but I'm not sure how/what yet.

    Ideas so far are... the right piece of driftwood? Shells? a 3hole bridge I was given? Does anyone have suggestions? I did see some fake logs at my LFS that might work. Place one along the line and plants around it.

    Also, does anyone know a respectable online store? I might not be able to find a similar ship up here in Darwin, Australia so I was wondering if any Australians know of good online stores. I don't really trust ebay... and thats where I found my fav ship wreck ebay shipwreck

    I plan to use all silk plants, and HOPEFULLY!!! I can find a LFS that actually sells them. I've only seen a 3pack in 1 store so far. Urg.

    Anyways, comments appreciated!


    1. Tank with seeding happening. Floaties are from me rinsing two filters in the tank. Plastic shells are decorations from my maternity tank.
    2&3. Tank as of today with a couple left over plants and my 6 cardinal tetras zipping about.
    4. Tank plan! :D

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  3. SuaveValued MemberMember

    have you seen this?   It's kinda expensive tho. Also, I think a nice piece of driftwood would be nice[:
  4. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Well thats a pretty nice wreck! Yesterday I actually went to every pet store in Darwin looking for tank decorations. I found 2 nice ones, a 3piece ship and a 2piece one. I ended up getting the 2piece thought it was a little bigger than what I wanted. It still looks greeatttttt!!!!

    Only things I need now are... fish ;) and black sand. I plan on keeping the sand in a dish within the tank. So I'm now hunting for a thin and shallow plastic dish, preferably black or clear that I can sit the sand in. I think it'll be easier to keep to one area like that.

    Pics of the tank as of now :)

    Next step is removing the purple gravel I used to seed the tank... urg. Stupid netting it was in broke.

    Here are the pics :)

    Silk plants cost $65, the ship was $90 and the barrel $11. I'm going to buy a couple more silk plants just to make them happier.

    Tank currently has 6 cardinal tetras, and 6 juvenile cherry barbs.

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  5. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning!


    Beautiful tank!
  6. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Looks really nice. Don't bet on the blue & green staying visible on the ship for very long. We had the identical ship in one of our tanks & the colours faded away within a few months. I think it looks better without the colours anyway. $90 is a bit steep though. I only paid $49 for our one & I'm pretty sure it's the same sized version as yours. I wouldn't have thought Darwin prices would be more expensive than Perth but I guess aquariums are a bit rarer up there given the climate.

    For caves you could just cut a few lengths of PVC pipe & cover them with Java Moss. Drinking glasses also work well for a cave with only one entrance. You could build your own caves out of rock or wood to so that it has that all natural look.

    All up, looks like you've done an excellent job so far.
  7. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah. I want some sort of tunnel for the cories. ATM I've got the barrel for them, but I hear they like straight tubing, so I might try the PVC pipe. I've also been looking at the plant setup, and I think I need to try find some broad leafed silk plants. I want a female betta and I know how betta's are with high tanks. I have a couple plants in the left corner which might be okay for it to rest on, but I think I'll put a nice broad leaf on either side so she can rest comfortably. It's also an upside of the ship being so big, the top is at a decent height for a betta to rest on during the day too. And the cherry barbs and tetras love the ship, I see them all sleeping in there together. So cute :)

    Everything in Darwin is twice as expensive. All the stuff I found online was about half the price, but oh well. Atleast I have a decent paying job atm. :)

    Thanks for the comments and compliments!

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