14 gallon new tank help

Hello. I’m new to salt water and I’ve decided on a 14gallon FOWLR set up (I have limited space and my freshwater tank already took up most of my space). I need some advice on Equipment needed and stocking. I have a heater, small powerhead, 30 gallon hob filter, dry live rock (I know it’s dead), live sand (in water), instant ocean salt, master testing kit, light, filter media (floss, seachem matrix, carbon), bacteria starter coming in mail with bottle of ammonia or fishless cycle, prime conditioner. I haven’t put anything together yet as some is coming in the mail.
First, any other equipment suggested?
Second, do I need to cure the rock for months like I’ve read on some sites? Or boil it? Any suggestions?
Stocking- I was planning on 2 ocellaris clownfish, maybe a peppermint shrimp? Is that okay? Could I get away with 2 clownfish with a watchman goby and pistol shrimp? Too much for a 14 gallon? I do weekly water changes religiously with substrate vacuuming each time.
Also, is it okay to premix the salt water and have it in a clean bucket (mix a large batch and use for a few weeks on water changes)?
Thank you for all the help!

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