14 Gallon Nano Tank

  1. DCJ

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    Long time no see beautiful Fishloreans!

    I'm just testing the cycle on the following 14 gal, 45cm long by 30cm wide by 38 cm tall (51 litres)


    Sorry for the light glare; as you can see I'm displaying it end-on so that the tank is viewed deeper than it is wide. You can't see very well from the picture but there are some little hidden ornamental towers and wood pieces and root structures from the plants which peek out which I like.

    The plants are as red as I can get them without CO2 (I'm using liquid because I am poor and a n00b) and I'm waiting on some IAL which have become lost in the mail, but the PH is down around 7.4, a triumph from 8.2 out of tap, and I'm confident the ammonia will have been processed down to 0 by tomorrow.

    My definite stocking plans are for Dream Blue cherry shrimp (I'll get a couple and let them breed themselves into stocking) as well as some horned nerites

    Fishwise, I'm getting Neon Green Tetras from somewhere and Asian Stone Catfish (hara jerdoni) but I have no idea how many of each I can add. I was initially inspired by the 5 gallon stocking list @ashenwelt and others created but I decided to use a bigger tank; now I have no idea how many extra fish I can add to the extra space

    TL;DR: with a larger tank than the original 5 gallon, how many neon green tetra and hara jerdoni can I comfortably stock in this 14 gallon?

    Thank you as usual forumites!
  2. Coradee

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    Welcome back, the tank looks lovely :)
  3. Anders247

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    I'd do 8 green neons and 4 hara jerdoni.