14 Gallon..Guppies, Guppies, & Female Obesity.

  1. Crissandra331

    Crissandra331 Valued Member Member

    So still trying to get together a small stock list for my friends 14 gallon. Was going to go with shrimp but am somewhat iffy about invertebrates and their water sensitivity, and on top of that I don't know very much about keeping Shrimp. So if something goes wrong, i'd like to be able to express more than the words "I don't know" ;)

    So I was thinking a good hardy fish for beginners. Already strayed them away from the beta ( no offense beta lovers) I was thinking Guppies.
    But its going to be a very basic tank starting out, would I have to worry about all males being territorial and nipping fins?

    So my other thing was maybe females. BUT by the time you get them their usually already holding sperm. Which brought me to my next question. In a small tank that's not planted would a female guppy be at risk for obesity from eating all her babies??

    I can't remember what I read specifically about female guppies and how long they hold. I wanna say I read somewhere that they can hold it for their lifespan with out ever having to mate again?

    But i've also heard other live bearers only stayed fertilized for a few batches and then have to mate again..

    So what is the best scenario for guppies and human in this situation? Cause I don't want them to be over run with fry but often that's the chance you take with the millions fish.
  2. Flowingfins

    Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    I would go with all males, as long as you have at least 6 they should be fine, but the more fish the happier they will be.