135 Stocking

  1. kjlife Member Member

    So again Mts has set in got a super deal on a used 135 6 foot tank I do have to make a stand and plumb everything but I'm planning stocking would like some input going for a ca/sa cichlid stock
    So 2 acara probably eba
    1 severum the red one forget name maybe 2 worried that they get to big
    A couple geophagus not sure on howmany and what type
    And maybe some tiger barbs for dither fish
    Also maybe a catfish or 2 not sure what type Raphael or pictus I think they where
    Would love any input thanks guys
  2. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    I'm not an expert on stocking numbers, but I do know geophagus need to be in groups. So if you definitely want those, plan for at least 4, more is better.

  3. kjlife Member Member

    Yea geo's and acaras are 2 that I like a lot my lfs had some cool thread finacara look really nice don't know anything about then also enjoy ebas alot
  4. sweendog87 Member Member

    This is quickly starting to become a very popular community this is my list
    2 Electric blue acaras
    5 geophagus redhead tapajos
    1 red spotted severum
    4 German blue rams or Threadfin acara
    3-6 clown loaches
    12 cherry barbs
    12 lemon tetras
    This was also inspired by 3 other similar threads on 125gal stock lists I'm planning on getting a 180 gal hopefully and have a sump and 2 filters on it

  5. kjlife Member Member

    I plan to run a sump just because the tank is predrilled so from this list I assume thread fin stay small like rams ??
  6. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    Not sure I would do 4 threadfin acara. I'd suggest a single one, since you're already looking at a group of geos. Threadfins can be nasty to each other...
  7. sweendog87 Member Member

    Threadfins get a out 6 - 8inch and a fairly peaceful also. Omnivore like the rest I chose the threadfin after being told my rams may be food for the geos but u still love them so I might give them a try anyways but I the threadfin is a gorgeous fish and if I do get a 180 gal I will. Definitely have one I just don't want to over stock it

  8. kjlife Member Member

    Yea I like said list except I don't want tetras maybe rams
    And was thinking different type of barb also

    I have bolivan rams breeding in my 55 currently just don't know if I want more rams or something different
  9. kjlife Member Member

    Oh firemouth is one I like 2 jd I thought would get to aggressive for a community
  10. sweendog87 Member Member

    The Electric Blue jack dempsey
    Are much more peaceful genus and iv heard are pretty timid so are much more compatible with peaceful fish like the rest but yes the usual JD is way too aggressive
  11. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    To the OP here's what i'd shoot for or a good starting stock taking in your considerations

    2 EB Acara
    2 Severum (Rotkeil is what I think you are talking about...good choice)
    4-5 Bandit Cichlids or Cupid Cichlids. Both are some of the smaller geos available and would do well with the other cichlids
    10 Dither fish (Look at lemon tetras, diamond tetras, black phantoms, or praecox rainbows
    3-5 Hoplo Catfish/10 Aeneus or Brochis Corydoras/2 Lace Synodontis

    If you aren't crazy about the bandits or cupids, and wanted a group of larger geos (like red head tapajos) I'd probably try to only do 1 severum or no acaras.
  12. kjlife Member Member

    Bandits or cupids look like they would be alright what about Raphael catfish or clown loach for the bottom
  13. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    Raphael cats would be fine. just 1 or 2 though. I usually don't suggest them because often fish keepers are disappointed in them as they rarely come out. They will hide almost the entire day and only come out, if at all, at night

    Clown loaches would be fine. I'd keep a small group as these guys start out as a schooling/shoaling fish. But later in life they will approach 1 foot long each and don't necessarily need the company. It will take years to reach that size but once mature I'd shoot for 3 or so and realize you may need to upgrade tanks once they get close to full grown.
  14. kjlife Member Member

    So maybe like 1 Raphael and 2 syndontis or would that be to much bottom feeders
  15. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd do 1 and 1. Make sure whatever syno you pick, it's one that doesn't need groups and one that doesn't get huge
  16. sweendog87 Member Member

    Clown loaches are awosme to a watch very active love being in groups they follow. Each other around. Everywhere and they don't take chit of many fish either