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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by cichlid234, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. cichlid234

    cichlid234 Valued Member Member

    Still leeching tannins , but the fish love it. 20180424_180618.jpg
  2. FlipFlopFishFlake

    FlipFlopFishFlake Well Known Member Member

    Love it!
  3. OP

    cichlid234 Valued Member Member

    Thanks, I found the driftwood myself kayaking.
  4. EddieL

    EddieL New Member Member

    Angel tank? Cool wood!
  5. OP

    cichlid234 Valued Member Member

    Thanks. Yes it's got angels, corys, neons, a fat raphael cat, a golden zebra loach and a pleco.
  6. d

    danhutchins Valued Member Member

    The neons Angels and depending on what type of Cory's you have will love the darker water since that is what they have in the wild. I personally like the dark water look but also like carpet plants and worry that the dark water would restrict the light getting to the low growing plants. If anyone has experience in dark water please let me know if my thoughts are correct as I would love to make my tank dark.

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