125 Gallon Sa/ca Tank Build

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by bkaiser3, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    So im starting a new 125 gallon tank. The 327 gallon tank i had ended with a disaster and huge fight with the delivery service. So anyway i have begun ordering everything for this tank. I picked the tank and stand up for 150 dollars. I am in the process of sanding down the sand to re-stain it, and roughing up the trim on the tank to paint it black. I am waiting on my 2 sunsun 304B filters, 2 300 watt eheim heaters, RO buddie and a few other things to come in. I dont know if im going to mess with real plants this time or not. Its going to be stocked with:
    1 angel
    1 red spot sev
    1 EBA
    1 BP
    1 Oscura Heterospila
    School of diamond tetras
    5 hoplo cats
    10 aenues corys
    I have to use RO water because my tap is filled with nitrates and ive tried and tried to fight with it and its just not working. With this stocking what would be an ideal pH, GH and KH.

    Sanding down the stand and tank trim getting ready for paint and stain.

    Got the tank trim roughed up and it masked off ready for paint. Im also painting the back side black.
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  2. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    First coat of paint on the trim and backside. Only 2 maybe 3 coats left.

  3. tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    Looks really nice.

    I like the stock. Have you attempted to locate the oscura yet? You may find it rather difficult. I'll be interested to see if this stocking will work out long term.

  4. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    I have an awesome lfs by me that said they can get 1 in when i am ready. They actually have a full grown one already so i went up to check him out to see how they look as adults. They are pretty cool looking.

  5. tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    awesome! next time you're there take a pic of him and let us see.
  6. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    Will do. The place is called "Gerbers Tropical Fish" i think they may have some of their fish online. It is the best fish store i have ever been too by far. Im lucky enough to have several exotic fish stores around me.
  7. Thurgood11Valued MemberMember

    Wow! From the pictures from their website that place looks legit!
  8. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    It is amazing. The have fish you would never even know existed.
  9. tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    Saw their adult oscura. Beautiful
  10. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    Im not sure where you guys live but if your ever around the south western part of ohio its definately a place worth stopping and seeing. And they workers there are all people that have their own tanks and know what they are doing and saying.
  11. tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    now if they'd only ship :)
  12. woodsonfanValued MemberMember

    You live around Dayton, OH? I'm in Cincinnati and have driven to Gerber's many times! Such a great selection. A bit pricey, but good quality fish.
  13. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    I live in trenton. 45 minutes south of dayton.
  14. woodsonfanValued MemberMember

    Nice! We have a good selection around us. I go to Monfort Aquarium, Top Shelf Aquatics, and Aquatics and Exotics mostly.
  15. tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    You guys should feel lucky. I'm pretty much limited to aquatic critter here in middle tennessee. THe fish hobby just isn't that strong down here.
  16. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    There is a place right behind aquatics and exotics called wet pets. Its a great store too.

    If you ever are in the mood for a drive, come north about 5 hours. I know of 5 or 6 fish stores within an hour of me. And that doesnt include your chain stores like petsmart and petland.

    Wet pets behind aquatics and exotics is a nice place too.

    Well i got the last coat of paint on the tank trim and backside. I will post pics tomorrow when i get the masking paper off. Ive also decided to scrap the stand that came with the tank and build my know like i did with my past 2 tanks.
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  17. vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    Following, this sounds like a neat tank!
  18. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    The tank is painted and ready. Just needs cleaned.

    The beginning framework of the new stand. A little ways to go still but getting closer.
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  19. Stephen HiattWell Known MemberMember

    Before you stock it - more ideas

    In my experience I've found that Angels like to live in pairs, even if it isn't male/female. Even numbers work best.

    2-6 Angels
    1 Red Spot Sev
    2 EBA
    1 King Kong Blood Parrot (better body shape than normal BP)
    1 Oscura Heterospila
    5 Hoplo Cats
    2-6 Polypterus

    Species of Polypterus is up to you. Senegalus are the cheapest, while Delhezi and Lapradei are the best mid priced polys imo. If you plan to upgrade you could also try Ornates, they have amazing color and personality, but get a little large. Be careful though, because after you buy the first, it becomes an addiction!
  20. bkaiser3Well Known MemberMember

    Got a little more work done on the stand, got the frame finished and started to add the front and sides before i had to go pick my daughters up from the sitters. And i picked up my glass versa tops.

    I have been wondering if the black diamond blasting sand will be too rough and sharp for corys?
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