125 gal tank - Will this Work?

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ok..I was on HANS USA a few minutes ago, and as an example tank they listed a 50 gal with 12 discus @ 4", 50 neons, 6 catfish, and 4 dwarf cichlids. Which got me thinking...If they can get all of that in a 50 gal, why can't I in my 125 gal. So, that brings me to my question. Will this work?

2 blue diamond discus
2 fire red discus
2 silver pigeon blood discus
2 tefe discus
10 orange von rio flame tetras 2" middle
10 jumbo neon tetras 2" middle
10 zebra danios 2" top
10 dwarf gouramis 2" bottom
10 glofish 2" bottom
4 cory catfish 4" bottom

the tank is currently void of fish. Is being filtered by two magnum 350's (each came with two pro 30 biowheels that are installed - 4 total). Two inline heaters, two powerheads (water only), 3 air stones, 2 1200 lumens led lamps, sand, and a diy background of concrete (pH 7.8).

I am willing to play with the numbers, but I really want to know if the fish will "play nice" together, and if it is too much. Thanks for any info.
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The neons and von rios will stay in the lower half of the tank, the glofish will stay near the top of the tank, and are the same fish as zebra danios. They will all school together. 10 dwarf gouramis isn't a good idea. You might be able to keep more than one, but 10 just isn't going to happen. Also, the corys should have a nice sized school too.

Neons are not warm water fish - you are better off with cardinals. Also, I would not keep the danios with the discus. They are too maniacal and are food hogs.

The filtration is weak for that tank size and stock. Discus are not cheap, so I would definitely invest in the necessary equipment to maintain healthy fish BEFORE buying the fish.
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Yea, I was wondering that about the filters. They cycle the tank bout six times a hour, and I hear it should be more like ten. I like how you said "isn't going to happen"..lol. I want the discus, but also something else to look at. So, around 4-5 discus and maybe 5 of the Von Rios, glofish, and cardinals, with 6 Cory's. That cuts it from 62 to 26 fish. I'm use to looking at only five fish (piranha's), so this would be a change for me. Any suggestions on the filter upgrade?
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Wont the discus eat the tetras ??
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they are cichlids - it can happen, but that doesn't mean it will happen. I would certainly give it a shot. Cardinals and rummy nose tetras are popular choices. GBRs are also warm water fish that like it in the mid 80s, where the discus like it. You could probably keep corys without any problems. I really wouldn't do more than that, except maybe add kuhlI loaches. You don't want too high of a bioload, unless you plan on doing large daily changes.
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as for filtration, I would do a sump/freshwater refugium. Fill it with fast growing plants and keep a light on it. In addition to the biomedia in the first chambers, the plants further filter the water. I would also have a canister filter running on the tank for circulation and added mechanical filtration.

then you could put a heater with each filter.
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so set up is good just add refugium

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