125/180 Gallon Stocking Suggestions?

  1. sweendog87

    sweendog87 Member Member

    My list if maybes is
    threadfin acara
    Electric blue jack dempsey
    3 bandits
    Green Tiger barbs
    Clown or common pleco
    These are substitutes if I can't get other fish or if I feel. I need more dithers or bottoms dwellers
    And also If I do indeed get a 125gal I would lose a species and down the dithers and loaches
  2. vikingkirken

    vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    Threadfin acaras are generally peaceful with other fish, but not with their own kind, particularly as they mature.
  3. OP

    sweendog87 Member Member

    And when you say are more aggressive with same species does that go for the eba I will. Be having cause

    The Electric Blue jack dempsey
    Are much more peaceful genus and iv heard are pretty timid so are much more compatible with peaceful fish like the rest but yes the usual JD is way too aggressive for these guys and I want peaceful after having these african peacocks I'm over chasing and watching stress fish damaged fins iv already gone through 15 fish so when I start my new tank I want them to be happy juveniles and grow together I'm harmony for many years well thats the plan fish keeping never works that way lol

    I want a mating pair of electric blue acaras and don't want them bothered by anyone especially pre spawning