120g tank up and running but sump not in use as the return does not keep up!

  1. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi, today was a crazy busy day! Super busy but got the tank set up and the livestock in it.
    The 120g that replaced the 90g tank is now up and running.
    However, I have too much flow into the tank and the drain is not keeping up so for now the sump and pump are off. I either need to get something to crank it down or a different pump.
    Anyone have an easy fix?
    Not tonight but either tomorrow or sometime this week, it needs addressed. I am guessing I will need a pressure valve to slow it down a bit-used the pump that came with the tank but there is surely an easy fix without re-plumbing it all! :(
    I am pleased though that we were able to make the move and although it is pretty cloudy right now, it is up and running.

    May have solved the problem-added more water to the sump and it appears to have taken care of the issue! Fingers crossed!
  2. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    does it have ball valves installed? you could partially close them
  3. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    In most cases the water in the sump should be about 3/4 full :).
  4. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    I did not have the sump full enough. I decided to up the level to, about 3/4 and now everything is good! Thanks cichlidman but there is not a ball valve installed. And 1971roadrunner, I am worn out but totally loving the look of my aquarium! :)
    It is so much better than I imagined. :)
  5. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    What return pump do you have? Some have flow controls on them.
  6. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    No, it doesn't and I am not sure but I looked at it. It is working now 1971roadrunner, so it is working away! :)
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    That's great :). I'm sure it's very beautiful and everything you hoped for. I'll admit that me not knowing ALL the details of the entire system makes me a little nuts but it's not my system and so be it :). I'm glad your enjoying it.

    * how are the fish?
  8. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    All the fish are okay, the goby was upset but this morning I did not see it, I am hopeful he has built himself a new tunnel.
    I was worried about stressing the tang but it seems fine and the ones now in the 55g are great-everyone came to breakfast 1971roadrunner.
    I am at work but maybe this evening I can write out the final equipment. BTW, the tank I was going to use as a sump ended up broken so that means, I will either have to buy one or convert a different one to use as a sump! :(
  9. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, a list would be helpful :). I know you mentioned having a PO4 reactor but I was wondering about maybe researching/incorporating a biopellet, calcium or carbon reactor if necessary at some point. My BP reactor is just now coming on line biologically and it took a LONG time. This is a large reef tank and I'm not sure about exactly what corals etc..your planning to keep but managing things like NO3 alone in a tank that size could prove to be tough with WC's etc..alone. I don't want to worry you my dear, just looking out for a friend :). enjoy work-I'm not today :(.
  10. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner I am finally getting around to that info.
    Tank One-120g

    live sand 40 lbs
    live rock 80-100lbs. (going to LFS today to pick up more and cure to add)
    skimmer: Coralife 220g rating
    lights reef lights from aquatrader: http://www.aquatraders.com/LED-Aquarium-Lighting-SnakesEyes-Reef-Corals-p/57727.htm
    and a second light:
    marineland reef light: http://www.petmountain.com/product/...f-capable-led-lighting-system-with-timer.html
    sump pump return is 10x an hour per measurements taken
    refugium/sump 30 gallon
    hydor wave maker x2 powerheads
    2 additional hydor powerheads
    Tunze Auto top off
    phosban reactor
    The tank with the diatom bloom/mini cycle
    120g saltwater reef tank.july2014.jpg

    Second Tank- 55g
    50lbs live rock
    2 hob (for now until 20 gallon sump is connected with hob from the old 90g as this is not drilled) -
    aquamaxx 75g skimmer
    led reef ready light from aqua trader
    This tank is still in set up process.
    in tank refugium
    55g reef tank. july2014.jpg

    Both tanks, imo may have a small amount of cyanobacteria or that is coralline and I am too inexperienced to know the difference but nitrates are low (could be being consumed by the cyano) flow is high in those areas of the tank and it is not sticky or thread or slimy. Thoughts ryanr, 1971roadrunner or others?

    Tank 3 will be a 36g bowfront QT tank
    plan is to set up in next week or so.
  11. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    WOW Claire, VERY nice :)! You've been the hardest working salty I know lately. I really like the way things are coming along and please keep us informed in detail on the progress/problems. As for the cyano, some is to expected along the way and finally got mine under control in my fuge though don't mind a little - keep an eye on it. A suggestion would be the HOB skimmer. I've been doing a lot of research on skimmers and basically the reason HOB's don't work well is that the body is too thin. Need a wide body for them to work well. There's and old saying with muscle cars that goes "no replacement for displacement" when it comes to an engine and IME feel that goes for skimmers too. A large body is important for them to work well. Maybe take a look into the R.Octopus Diablo skimmers, I'm upgrading from my XS200 to the XS250 and will be using the XS 200 when I convert my 125g FW to SW. I REALLY like them and think Mike has one (XS 225?) on his 120g, but he's being coy about that :). Also try in the 120g to try pointing either power head at the opposite front corner for better flow (also helps to prevent cyano) and have researched this and tried it on mine with some rearranging of rock and found better flow over all. Anyway GREAT job and thanks for the update. ttyl

    *oops, just checked Mike's profile and he does list his skimmer - sorry Mike please don't be mad :(.
  12. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Thanks 1971roadrunner, I will check those out but it may be awhile, I want to keep an eye on it. I think the new set up is much better-can tell a huge difference in flow and water turn over. I will at some point though upgrade the skimmer, if need be. The coralife seems to be pretty efficient but I don't really like the aquamaxx.
    BTW, the LFS that I got the rock at today, an hour and a half away but worth it, had a beautiful piece of coral that I had to have, it has been acclimated, the rock has been acclimated and everything seems to be doing okay (knock on wood)! :)
  13. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I enjoy getting LR and let me know if you find any interesting little buggers that might have hitched a ride. In regards to the skimmer I heard good things about the Coralife and the Aquamaxx HOB should be fine for now but maybe later an upgrade would be cool. I'm getting started in re-homing my FW fish :(. Gonna miss them but this is something I have to do-later putput :).