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    Before you read this, keep in mind I am new to saltwater so there will be a bunch of questions. Sorry, I just have never done saltwater and I want it to be an enjoyable first experience. Thank you for your time and help

    I am thinking in the future of getting a 120 gallon tank for a FOWLR set up. I would like it to be a peaceful community tank and have as much biodiversity as possible (in terms of fish, some inverts)and have a bunch of small fish and one big fish. I have never had saltwater before but I do have thorough experience with freshwater. I know that saltwater is quite a step up from freshwater but I do understand that a bigger saltwater tank will be more forgiving of fluctuations and mistakes. I would like to keep the initial cost of EVERYTHING ( tank, filter, heater, lighting, saltwater specific supplies, fish, inverts, live rock etc.) At or Below 2000$ - 3000$. I would like to have as many different fish as possible without overcrowding the actual tank or the bioload and et cetera. I had in mind a yellow tang for the big fish, 9-10 blue green reef chromis, 2 or 3 clownfish, 2 yellow clown gobies and a royal gramma basslet.Are these good choices. I really would like a large tang no matter what. But I feel like I could add many more little fish to this setup.
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