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  1. I'm not Fish-ist

    I'm not Fish-istValued MemberMember

    I am planning on getting freshwater 120 gallon tank (4'L*2'W*25"T). I will have live plants and community fish. I will get 2 Emperor 400 filters, 2 200 watt heaters (dont know if that is correct wattage for this size tank, i want 2 heaters for even heating of the tank). I want to plant 2 amazon swords, 1 barteri anubias, 1 dwarf hairgrass, 2 banana plants, 1 dwarf baby tear plant, 1 cardinal plant, 1 red crypto, 1 java fern, 2 spiralises, 1 cabomba and 1 broadleaf ludwigia. For fish I was thinking a dozen panda cories, 3 angels ( koi, silver zebra and blushing), 12 glass cats, 2 trinidad plecos, 2 blue gouramis and a kribensis cichlid. Would this be considered planted or densly planted? And are these fish fine together? If I can I would like to add as many fish as possible without overstocking. I am open to suggestions. also can I have more angels? And maybe 2-3 more glass cats? I will have a few mystery snails and MAYBE shrimp but if so no more than 5-7 since I will have cories to clean and I will have 1-2 inches of white aquarium sand over 2-3 inches of flourite.any cool fish, inverts, amphibians (probably not) or other maybe "eel-like" creatures. How many kuhli loaches could I have?I am looking for color and active inhabitants for this. Thanks.

    Oh and lights are 2 2' fluorescent Aqueon T8 flora max plant growth bulbs and Forgot some fish: 20-40 neon tetras AND/OR "pork chop" rasboras
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  2. Grimund

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    I would suggest going with 2 300 watt or a little higher. That's a lot of water to heat.

    Don't expect your inhabitants to do all the cleaning. Angels will eat anything they can fit in their mouth, and shrimp are easy snacks as well as any fish under the 1.5+" length.

    The neons and panda cories aren't compatable at the temp required for the angels. Sterbai cory and Cardinal tetra may be suitable replacements. I'm not sure about temps on the rest of the list

    Edit: I doubt your lights will be sufficient. T8 throws the least amount of light in the florescent category and that's a lot of ground to cover at 25" to boot
  3. FallenOwl

    FallenOwlWell Known MemberMember

    IMO you should get

    2x Angel fish
    12-15x Sterbai Cories or Kuhli loaches
    12x Glass catfish
    2x Trinidad pleco
    2-3x Blue gourami OR 3x Pearl gourami (my preference)
    1x Kribensis cichlid
    20-40x Harlequin rasbora or Cardinal tetra
    2-5x Snail (Nerite, horned Nerite, mystery, etc.)
    8-10x Amano shrimp or Ghost shrimp (considering they may or may not be eaten I would get a few ghost shrimp to start with so if someone does eat them it wasn't a $4.00 snack)

    I wouldn't put neons in with angels, or blue gouramis. They had a high probability of getting eaten although some people have done it.
    Remember, this is just my opinion, I'm sure others will come and agree or disagree
  4. OP
    I'm not Fish-ist

    I'm not Fish-istValued MemberMember

    Would two of these be ok  
  5. Grimund

    GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    It's more so the fixture AND the bulbs together. Planted tanks require light in or around the 6500 K spectrum. That's too far up on the scale as it produces lots of blues with little in the way of red.

    I can't really recommend bulbed fixtures as I've never researched them. You would be looking at T5NO or T5HO (normal and high output respectively) to be able to give enough light for good growth and health at that depth.

    Lights have trouble penetrating that far down and across that length, so a 48" fixture and bulbs might be looked into. Decent lighting for plants aren't cheap, sorry to say.

    Are LED an option? More upfront, sometimes less, and you don't have to replace bulbs over time.

    I do know that the Finnex RAY 2 DS has a good spread of 44 PAR across a good 18" spread (9" off center each side) at 24" deep, but that's medium to high light.

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