120 gal cube build- My dream tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Counselor, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. CounselorNew MemberMember

    Well I decided to start a build thread on my new tank. I have always wanted a big tank, 55gal was my biggest before this. So, I couldn't pass up this deal. It's a 120 gal oceanic tank with a cherry stand. As it sets I have 95 bucks in it. This thing is massive, 3/4" thick glass with the bottom being a full inch.

    This is going to be a long term project for my 3yr old and I. It's going to be a while before I set it up due to my family moving in about a month. So I'm guessing two months before it sees water.


    Since part of the deal to get this tank was for this to be the only tank in the house. The fish in my daughters 20gal have to go in this tank. Which is 6 platies and a betta. I don't think it will pose a problem since I want a peaceful community tank.
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  2. OP

    CounselorNew MemberMember


    As I put in my first post I will have 6 platies and a betta.

    My only fish I am absolutely set on having is a golden Severum. I had one in my 55 and loved it. I would love some stocking ideas to go with these fish.

    I also really like angelfish and pictus cats or really any catfish.

    The tank came with a lifeguard fb300 fluidized bed filter and an under gravel. I was wanting to do a sand rock mix for substrate so the under gravel will have to go. I'll probably just add a simple HOB or two for now. Eventually I'll build a sump or buy a canister.


    As I said I want to do a sand rock mixture for a natural looking substrate.

    I'll also add some larger river rocks and driftwood for decor. I want to do some live plants however I've always had terrible luck with them. I may try some simple low lights like Java fern.

    I always paint the background black so I'll plan on that for this one as well.


    I have a marine land led light that came with it. However it's missing the bracket and power cord. I'm hoping the guy I got it from can find it if not I'll have to search online for one.
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  3. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    What are the dimensions?

    Please don't add a betta - the tank is entirely too tall for him to easily reach the surface. A 2.5 gal minimum tank would be great for him, but this tank is too tall.

    Cube tanks are hard to stock. Your dimensions will determine options. I don't think a severum will work though - the tank isn't long enough.

  4. OP

    CounselorNew MemberMember

    It's 30"x30"x31", I would think that would be plenty long enough for a sev.

    I didn't think about the height for a betta, I have a little 2.5gal hex he can go in.
  5. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    It's definitely not long enough for a severum. They can get up to 12" long, and that tank is less than 3 times it's length. It will barely have room to swim.
  6. LeoDiaz

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    Agreed 48in by 24in or 72in by 18in is the minimum tank size I would put a Severum in my opinion.
  7. OP

    CounselorNew MemberMember

    Ok I'll do some more research before I make any decisions. What would your guys/gals stocking list look like?
  8. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    What about something like this?

    1-2x Angelfish
    8-10x Corydoras aeneus or C. sterbai
    2-6x Banjo catfish
    8-15x Rummynose tetra
    8-15x Gold tetra
    2x Keyhole cichlids
  9. OP

    CounselorNew MemberMember

    I do like that would I be able to sub the rummy nose for platy? That would be a fun and diverse group. Keyholes are hard to find around here I could switch those for a few Rams.
  10. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I think you could add the platies to that, without removing the rummynose.

    And yes, Bolivian rams would work, as would a pair of Apistos instead.

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