12 gallon stocking recommendation

  1. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    I'm thinking of stocking a new 12 gallon fish tank, with as many fish as possible, of course small fish....but would like to hear of stocking ideas from you...i know its not that big....but would like to hear suggestions....plz
  2. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

  3. soccermatt Member Member

    If your tank is completely cycled and stable, i would add a school of 8-10 tetra's (probably neons), but add 4 then 5 or something like that.
    Also harlequin rasboras and cherry barbs are small cool fish that you could add in a school.
  4. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    how about six black neon tetras and two small cories or two platys?

  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    As many fish as possible in a 12 gallon.......You could do like 20 ghost shrimp, or 50 cherry shrimp.
  6. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    yeah, but besides shrimp
  7. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member


    How about a honey gourami and 8 neons or 6 cherry barbs....and several ghost shrimp :)

  8. roob Initiate Member

    How about 3 venezuela cories (dark) and 7 neon tetra (bright)?

    I think the contrast of colours would be stunning.
  9. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    ive been reading about the tetra's and i've heard there really sensitive...is that true....i was thinking maybe black neons and albino corys
  10. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    tetras can be sensitive to water conditions, so it's usually best to add them to an established tank, so make sure you fully cycle your tank first and add fish slowly so that the added bioload doesn't send your tank into a mini-cycle

  11. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    i was thinking of harlequin rasboras and albino cory's...how many of each could i get?
  12. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

  13. roob Initiate Member

    I would say a combination of 6 harlequin rasboras and 3 of the albino corys would be good. you could maybe up the harlequins by one or two or the corys by one, because they wont be competing for swim space or food, make sure you have somewhere for the corys to hide, because they are nocturnal mine seemed to get really stressed out during the day untill I propped up a stone in the tank with space underneath so they have somewhere dark to rest when they need. When I got mine I was a bit nervous that they were going to be boring and only come out at night when I wasnt watching, but it turns out that they seem to sleep at midnight, and mid day, and come out in the morning and the evening.

    I cant really speak for the harlequins but I love my corys.

  14. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Minimum tank and school sizes for corys varies greatly, depending on who you ask. IMO, corys need at least a 30 inch long tank, and a 12 gallon is just way to small. They also need at least 6 of the same kind in the school.

    I've kept corys in a 10 gallon. I've kept a group of only 3. I've mixed schools. And I'll never do any of those things again.
  15. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    6 herlaquin rasboras and three ablino cory's sound nice, but woulnd't it be too much for the bioload to handle?
  16. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Have you considered otos? They stay very small and help with algae control. You could have 3-4 of them and 5-6 rasboras.

    Jaysee, if raptor gets pygmy cories, do they also need a longer tank, or would they be okay?
  17. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    how big do the rasboras get, i've heard 2 inch and in some placed 1 1/2 inches?