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  1. LizzyCupcake

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    I got a good deal on an 110 gallon for my two oscars and clownknife. I paid 600 for the tank, stand, sump w/overflow box, lights, and accessories. When I first got it I had no idea how to set up the sump, so I made my best effort to use the pieces that came with it to set it up. This resulted in leaks and a broken pump. I started by ordering a new pump that was 475 gph. When I hooked it up it was just a trickle of water coming out of the output. I returned it and got a 1475 gph pump (which worked perfectly). I then had to get a new pipes for the output, which took a lot of trial and error. And after 2 solid weeks of work and trips to Home Depot I can proudly say I put in my clownknife tonight :D. He seems to be doing fine. He is about 13 inches and I have had him for almost 2 years. I plan on putting my two oscars tomorrow. They are 12 inches each, one is black and one is white and they have also had some fry. I just wanted to post this because I’m really excited that I finally got it working! This is my first “aquarium build”.

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    Sumps can be tedious. I also made many home Depot trips when putting together my 120. A great feeling if satisfaction once you figure it out though!

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