10 Gallon Tank 10g tank i keep at work guppy death (warning graphic images)

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I work in a motel and to spruce up the lobby I put in a 10 gallon tank with guppies and snails.

Last week I saw my 1 male lyre tail in the tank with 3 red camallanus worms sticking out of his vent I mix up my levamisole and follow the directions from the thread and person I bought it from after 3 days I do a second tank cleaning removed the 3 dead females who died with dropsy and bleeding ulcers on them very bad it looked like they were zombies... the 4th one with the bleeding issue and dropsy survived she is not pine coned anymore but she still has 3 spots where she bled and the scale is red.

today I pulled the last original female from the tank and the lyre tail he had just passed all of the worms and was clear of them.

The female was a little bloated and very discolored and her tail looked like a flesh eating bacteria had made a meal of it not the first time I had seen these symptoms first time was 3 deaths in 3 days and it did not stop till only 2 males and 2 fry survived. Until this point she was rather lethargic and hung out near the bottom or top she used to be a half black with a big blue tail and black spots in the tail.

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I'm so sorry about the guppy deaths... did you quarantine them first?

And in how long did all of this occur?
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Well the tank at work was established for about 5 months now that guppy in the picture has been in there since day 1 the lyre tail was the same week and another male that disappeared a while ago was in there and the tank has just been populating itself it is still to the point I need to re home some of the fry but I don't know if I want to risk it. It is going through a minI cycle atm due to the media in my filter getting changed and had levamisole in the tank for 3 days as required for camallanus. The lyre tail was from petco the blue male that disappeared was from walmart and I'm 99.9% certain my camallanus was from the walmart fish. And the female in the picture is from a private breeder I found in town who was getting over run with fry.

I have had everything out of the tank and moved the gravel around and cleaned out the filter there is no bodies in the tank the blue male from walmart also could not have jumped out. There is 2 possibilities 1. ex-employee took the fish. 2. It died the CAE, fry and snails devoured all of the evidence overnight.

The female in the picture delivered 6 fry about a week ago now.

the lyre tail and the one in the picture died sometime last night the other 3 pine coned and died on monday night after I closed up the levamisole was administered on sat around 5 right after I cleaned the tank I cleaned the tank on tuesday as well both were about 5 gallon water changes...

None of the fish were quarantined but all had been in the tank for over 3 months. There has been no new additions to the tank.
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Well, if they got stressed the harmful organisms could've just now made their appearance due to favorable conditions.
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what are the chances the fry will be safe to rehome into a 15 gallon long
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I would give them a salt bath and then transfer them to the new tank. That would get rid of a bunch of nasty stuff. I hope someone will post if this is safe to do with fry or not.
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Salt should be fine for the fry, guppy fry anyways. Just don't overdose, and what would really help your fry is to keep the temp around 80 degrees. good luck sorry about your loss .

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