10g Stocking Questions

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Evander, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. EvanderValued MemberMember

    This is overstocked for a 10g, right?? And I think some ofthem do better with more of their type? I've only kept bettas before but someone is selling their 10g with all these fish

    3 Neon Tetras
    1 Albino Bristle nose Pleco
    4 Fancy Guppies
    2 Hatchet fish
    2 Corey catfish
    3 Ember tetras
    1 Sunburst Platty
    3 Rasboras
  2. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    You have lots of problems....
    Tetras, corys,rasboras and hatchet fish are all schooling fish and need to be in groups 6+. And yes that is over stock, do you have the fish already?
  3. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    That is incredibly overstocked.
  4. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    Way overstocked.
  5. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Yep, definitely.

    Neon tetras, hatchetfish, ember tetras, and rasboras are schooling fish. Neon tetras, hatchetfish, and most of the bigger rasbora species usually have a school of 6+ recommended. I believe ember tetras do best in a school of 10+.

    Corydoras need shoals and usually 6+ are recommended. More if they're a dwarf species.

    Bristlenose plecos get too big for a 10 gallon.

    The platy and guppies alone fully stock a 10 gallon, and even that is going to require a ton of water changes.
  6. EvanderValued MemberMember

    I do not, I wanted to get the opinions of you all on the forum first to see what I could do to help these guys. Try to rehome a lot of them I'm guessing but I've never kept a community tank before so I've got no idea which ones to keep or not?
  7. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    All of those listed above should make good community fish, just depends on your tank size(s) and other inhabitants.

    Many of these guys aren't very temperature compatible, so more tanks would be needed.
  8. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Bioload can be controlled with plants and lots of water changes but that guy has more than just bioload problems right there. In my planted tanks I could possibly keep the Platys and a decent sized school of ember tetras without any bioload problems but thats it. Otherwise the thing would feel way too cramped.

    We would need to know what type of Cory and rasbora you are dealing with, if the tank is big enough you should be able to keep them all unless there is a temperature incompatiblity of some sort.