10g stocking questions!

  1. Legures

    Legures Valued Member Member

    Hi, I have a vacant 10 gallon tank that's cycled and ready for fish. It has 20 gallons worth of filtration, an airpump, and a heater (that's available). The substrate is gravel and there is one piece of driftwood, 3 fake plants and a mini cave decor from my LFS.

    I wanted to know what I could stock. I want fish that are common enough so that chain LFS like PetSmart has them. I either want one big centerpiece fish like a GBR with some snails or shrimp or fairly small-medium schooling fish. (I'm not a real big fan of neon's) I kinda want a mix of compatible schooling fish (like different species that are willing to school together).

    I know that 10g is pretty small and my options are limited for this tank ):
  2. spdrbob

    spdrbob Valued Member Member

    Sounds like you know what your doing.. 10g is small and tough to work with. I have one and just added a male and female sword tail, the are great looking together...Just what I'm doing in my 10g..
  3. c

    cnidaria New Member Member

    Hi Legures- Being new to the hobby, I spent 6 months researching before touching any fish or fish related items, so please take what I say with a grain of salt (as I would always advise) :). If you want to go community, I would go a schooling group of one of the following: zebra danios (careful they can be nippy if not in large group), Rasboras (i find them fascinating and I never get bored of watching them), or Platys. These are all fish that my Petsmart in Texas carry. From the size I see of a Blue Ram, I am not sure I would keep him/her in a ten gallon, completely my personal opinion.

    as to species that school together, I can tell you that from experience I had swords and platys school together (and breed, yikes), and I have had guppies and danios school together. I got away from guppies after researching some terrible breeding practices, but they are a good fish.

    I am also partial to ghost shrimp, I think they are wonderful and add something special to any tank.
  4. jerilovesfrogs

    jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    i personally wouldn't do a ram in a 10g. they are active. you're right, stocking a 10 is challenging to do properly...but can be done.

    you could do a couple honey gouramis, and a small school of espei rasboras...or ember tetras. i'd stay away from livebearers, except for endler's...they are small enough for a 10.
  5. OP

    Legures Valued Member Member

    All of the fish I wanted at my LFS were a little bit "off" so I passed and just got another Betta. It's a black male halfmoon with electric blue highlights on the body and the fins. It's amazing! I also just got another snail because I'm fond of snails. :p

    Thanks for the responses anyways!