10g Do Over

  1. Leann Member Member

    I have a ten gallon in my room on my nightstand. I feel I rushed to fill it because I was so excited, there's nothing wrong with it per say but after being inspired I feel I can do better. Tonight I'll be picking up a new 10g to "redo" and then transfer the contents of my current tank to the new one. This will give me the opportunity to allow silicon to dry and take my time all while my beta is happy at home.

    Here is the current tank, the dwarf Lily's have since been relocated.


    New tank will include a variation of a HMF filter, java moss "wall" and new aquascaping such as more plants, spider wood, and both sand and black gravel.
  2. DHIWZ Member Member

    I think this current one looks great but if you can do even better, then more power to you! Excited to see what it'll look like :)

  3. Leann Member Member

    Thank you! Yes it's not bad but I've just been inspired to try again
  4. bNissan Member Member

    gotta love MTS. Your rushed tank looks many times better than mine haha

  5. susieq21 Initiate Member

    your original tank is beautiful! cant wait to see the new one!
  6. Leann Member Member

    Picked up a few Supplies tonight. Acrylic type sheet, acrylic cutter, PVC parts, silicone and glue.

    PVC parts will be for the HMF filter, still missing my foam and some form of mesh to make my moss wall. Acrylic will hopefully hold back the foam, I plan on a corner HMF

    Also had tape and sand paper laying around, will need to trim the PVC pipe and drill holes into hit for airline and water intake.

  7. Leann Member Member

    Messed around with some hardscape tonight, of course I'll be staring at this for a couple of days deciding if I like it. Note I also have 20-25 plants coming for this little guy so for the hardscape I went with less is more? We shall see...



    The corner HMF and moss wall will be in the back left corner opposite the center piece. My plant stock will be swords, Anubis, java fern, and crypts

  8. Leann Member Member

    So after many tries of cutting my acrylic sheet myself I got frustrated and out sourced that piece to a local glass company. And boy am I glad I did!! Advice for you all, just go get it cut yourself, my two strips of glass measure 11" tall by 1.5" wide, maybe a little wider than I'd like, but they have one rounded edge and they're perfect. Cost me $10 for them both which is, in my opinion, well worth my time!

    Being a full time worker and part time graduate student I was struggling to make time for this with summer semester ending, I look forward to siliconing my glass pieces for the HMF filter this weekend :)
  9. Leann Member Member

    UPDATE: another couple of items I didn't mention. My plants came! I did order some plants online that are maybe not doing as well as I'd like. This was my first time ordering plants online and the plants I received were in good condition but I'm not sure if they'll make it. I have a finnex light and I'm thinking of toying with the color settings, let me know if you have suggestions or a similar light and what its set on!

    I also ordered this set of aquascaping tools, they took forever to get to me but since I was in no rush I didn't mind. Well worth my money as well, $10 for two tweezers and a scissors
  10. Leann Member Member

    Started the silicone steps tonight, decided to place bars with 5in of room from wall

    e5effcc5256d3bb902bac660480dd1b5.jpg 897b395a5195bf32428faa48366e5b22.jpg

  11. Leann Member Member

    Okay I have reached the "exciting part" and tonight I added substrate to get an idea of how to hardscape this thing.

    The corner filter isn't complete but I am able to fit it in place to lay substrate.

    1a5337751c7c206cf06d8ced6379db59.jpg 87f6ad5e3e1b609d4d567af41f50dbdd.jpg 21b84c2f1d23bcaa34a8e832b25516f7.jpg bcb218b0f8b7a61104c2b8295183f57c.jpg
  12. Leann Member Member

    I just can't bring myself to add rocks yet but I think I'll sleep on this and see how rocks look as the week goes on

    191cafc97960619c392b91ddb4d5b7de.jpg 5d22fc1a91c7b6120bef836c671a6cf2.jpg fda4c62c4ce897ee798749cb884e195a.jpg
  13. CarolinaFan Member Member

    Looking good!
  14. NicHender Member Member

  15. Leann Member Member

    I've decided to add a fake log and two rocks. All of these were added so I'd have more surface to attach plants to, Anubis is my favorite! Also plan on having dwarf crayfish and wanted to provide more hiding places (rocks have small holes in them as well) because it's all about making the inhabitants happy

  16. Leann Member Member

    Tank has water in it... And some problems?

    In my excitement to scape plants I made a very rookie mistake... My spider wood insert was not weighted down and therefore floats I placed a rock on it for the mean time because it is late and I don't have weights handy.

    My question, will it take on water over time with the rock holding it down, or will it always float and I need to locate weights??


    Also, my HMF filter is working but is not the strongest stream. I'm going to look into this but my gut says I need a stronger air pump. I put a picture of this, it has some flow but not much.

  17. Leann Member Member

    After a trip to my LFS I am feeling better. I found a submersible canister like filter that fit nicely behind my foam and I think it will work great! Also my LFS has spider wood in a display tank and said he did something similar and his sunk in its own after about ten days

  18. Leann Member Member

    HMF filter, really great! Beta girl keep getting stuck behind it, not so great!!

    If this keeps happening I may need to rig up some screening, all I can tell is she must be going in where the outflow comes out. It's a minuscule hole and she'd be swimming very hard against the stream but maybe she likes a challenge...
  19. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    I often see my girls playing in the current from my hob filter.
  20. Leann Member Member

    She does seem to enjoy it! She's does manage to find her way out from behind the filter. All the same I did try to put in a screen to cover the access holes but we'll see what she does about it.