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Hi all! I’ve thinking about starting up my betta tank again and I’m looking for some recommendations!
A few things I would like to know include:

Is there somewhere I can buy a set or bunch of decorations for my tank for cheap? Assuming online because I live in Saskatchewan!

What are some beginner live plants I can add to my tank? Very low maintenance and what do they need to survive? (Certain gravel? Food? Light? Etc)

What bottom gravel or sand do you recommend? (Easy enough to clean with gravel pump?)

What sort of tank buddy can my betta have? Mystery Snail? What maintenance do they need?

If a mystery snail is an idea, what do they need to survive.

Thank you! Please be very specific! I had a divided betta tank for 2 1/2 years prior


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You can do for a completely natural look with rocks and driftwood. If you collect it from a creek or something near you, its free Just make sure you boil the wood to kill off anything that might be living in it and give the rocks a scrub.

Mysteries are a good choice for beginners. Java fern and hornwort are also pretty easy to grow. Basically they just need a light source.

If you go for a gravel bottom, its super easy to deep clean with a siphon to remove everything that falls between the cracks. Sand on the otherhand is a lot harder to deep clean but stuff has a herder time betting beneath the sand.

A mystery snail would be a good tank mate, but they do need supplimental food. A nerite snail might be a better choice because they dont eat nearly as much and can live off algae alone. If you have a calm betta, shrimp might also be an option.

I would recommend weekly or bi-weekly WCs of 20%. you can fiddle with the number once you know how much waste gets produced and how much the plants absorb.

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