1000greatdeals eBay merchant

1000greatdeals is an eBay merchant that sells a large variety of things including pet supplies.

I ordered Maracyn 2 from them and received regular Maracyn. Their communication is very poor as they only reply once per day when addressing problems with your order. During the time I was trying to communicate with them and find a resolution, my 9 year old Oranda died. He was probably going to die anyway, but we'll never know for sure if he could have been saved.

The seller was made aware of the situation and their solution was to accept return of the product minus original shipping and a 20% RESTOCKING FEE. No mention was made of whether they would pay for cost of shipping it back to them, but based on the previous that's highly unlikely. Basically they wanted me to pay for them to fix their mistake, and that was definitely not going to happen. The only thing good about their service from my experience was that they used UPS economy ground which meant quite timely delivery, but overall their business practice is quite unscrupulous from this experience.

I hope this review will serve to help community members when choosing between products and sellers on eBay.
Thanks for the heads up. Also, be sure to neg them on eBay if you aren't satisfied so people there will know as well.
Yes thank you for the heads up @MihnMaI I'm so sorry about your Oranda Sometimes people just don't realise how important our fish are to us...
S.I.P. Oranda buddy
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Oh they definitely got a negative review. Unfortunate that I'm only allowed 80 characters so I couldn't detail all their faults.

I'm actually somewhat relieved my oranda passed on, he's been living a very difficult life for the last few months, but I couldn't bring myself to put him down.

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