100 Gallon Tank Ideas

  1. primobryan

    primobryan Valued Member Member

    So I finally measured the dimensions for my Tank and its a 100 gallon tank. My ideal Tank was to upgrade my Angelfish in my 40 gallon breeder to a 100 gallon planted hi-tech aquarium you know with ADA aquasoil pressurized Co2 and Quad T5 Fixture and so on....... but it's too expensive to start up it would take me months until I can set that up on a part time shift but my brother gave me an idea, he suggested me to set up a Cichlid tank since I have most materials for a fish only tank. While he was thinking Southern American I was thinking African only problem is Ph as far as I know African cichlids strive in higher Ph levels, my Tap water is at 6.7ish and my LFS is at 7.0 I don't trust ph adjusters and I know I could naturally raise it with limestone rocks but this tank would only be a temporary set up so I'm not trying to spend too much I could go with 2 Oscar's if I go a Southern Cichlid tank, since my tank is a 100 gallon 60" x 16" x 24" there should be more than exceptional room for 2 Oscar's and no more. Or I could buy a couple pounds of 6-8 African cichlids

    I have four established(cycled media) freshwater tanks that sit at around 6.8 to 7.3ph levels that can jump start the cycle on the 100 gallon and when I meant a temporary tank I meant at least 6 months up and running with cycled media from day 1 but I wouldn't throw fish in until the second week including weekends. My only problem of a temporary tank is what will I do with my fish I know I could sell them or give them for store credit at my LFS. Help should I follow through on this temporary tank yes or no
  2. Plecomaker

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    probably not what you want to hear, but id wait, especially if you're trying to save money.
    On the other hand, you could go with a big tank of live bearers temporarily and sell back more than you bought for store credit.