10 Gallon "WinterScape" (In Progress)

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This is by far my favorite project so far but it has been put on hold much like my plant only build. There is a move happening but maybe I can still get this done just in time for Christmas. Maybe I'll put a special tree in there
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I just started a rough draft aquascape in my 10 Gallon. This was the second 10 gallon that is part of my Betta build thread. Well...my fiances Betta build. I am sort of going for a winter theme here and it was coming along nicely until it wasn't. I ran into an issue creating depth for a "river" that will in fact be just water. Not sure that is possible but hopefully an aquascaping guru can help with that.

NOTE: I am not using those slate rocks or the fake plants in the final build. They are leftovers that I had lying around. They are mostly reference points.

To start, I began measuring and cutting acrylic sheets to create a layer effect with the sand. The left hand side shows the measurements below. I basically built steps with the acrylic and taped the pieces together. This also forms the left hand wall for the river. The right hand side will be layered as well. I got a bit lazy at the end and just wanted a rough idea of what it may look like. That is why you see another 4" piece of acrylic on the right side acting as the right hand river wall.

First layer : 2"
Second layer: 3"
Third layer: 4"
Fourth layer: 4-5" ..maybe..we'll see.
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I plan on gluing darker colored stone or pebbles (suggestions welcome) to the pieces of acrylic that make up the river wall. I want that natural feel. Here is a side view to get a better feel for the layers and to also introduce you to my dilemma.

View attachment 697422

What I am trying to do is create a path with depth. Larger in front, slowly becoming more narrow, and then disappearing behind the stones which will hopefully have more of a mountain feel when I am done. The issue is how do you create a path with water? How do I layer water in an aquarium? Is it even possible in this scenario? am I overthinking this? I sound insane. Do I just keep building my acrylic path until it falls behind the stones and let it be? I do not want to add anything to this river area and I am worried that the depth just won't be there.

I placed a piece of acrylic on top of the walls to show where it will begin to fade out.

View attachment 697423

The best part! When I figure it all out I get to tear it down to actually silicone the acrylic together.

Again. Suggestions for stone or pebbles that would look nice as a wall and layering water in an aquarium......

Hopefully this makes sense to somebody..hahaha.
why not use river rocks
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Hi Ree, I think I'm sticking with the second version of the build. I still wasn't totally sure if I was going to have rocks in the tank because I was waiting on more birch wood to test the waters (all pun intended). I have everything needed now but the impending move has halted everything. I truly appreciate you taking a look and adding suggestions!
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I just found this thread and would love to see your finalized tank, mrjohn. The build looks amazing!

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