10 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas?

  1. F

    FishyFishy101 New Member Member

    Have a 10 gallon tank all cycled with a filter and heater.Just don't know what fish to get.Im interested in getting a betta but my wife doesn't approve of just having one betta.Ive heard about having some neons and a betta.But I've heard mixed reviews about it.Some say it works out perfectly and others say the tetras fin nipped like crazy.

    I'm also interested in some gouramis.I was thinking maybe 3 sparkling gouramis and a couple other fish but I'm not sure what.I was also thinking about maybe a dwarf gourami but I'm not sure my LFS has them.

    I'm open to any stocking ideas ,I'm just not a big fan of shrimp and frogs.

    (Just saying,my LFS doesn't have a huge variety of fish.)
  2. fishgame6

    fishgame6 Valued Member Member

    1 betta in a 10 gallon would be great but if that idea is a no go then maybe guppys? reguler gouramis would get to big for a 10 gallon and would out grow it quick.

    you could try guppies with a female betta sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
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    leeexie-flowy Valued Member Member

  4. toeknee

    toeknee Well Known Member Member

    I have one male,two female peacock gudgeons. Some red cherry shrimp and a couple snails in my 10 gallon.I also have gudgeons in my 20 gallon...one of my fav fish!
  5. shiv234

    shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    i do 8 guppies if i was you...dad doesn't listen to mom when it comes to fishes though
  6. OP

    FishyFishy101 New Member Member

    Great suggestions!However I feel that it's too risky to put female betta with some guppies.Plus I've heard guppies reproduce rapidly which I don't want to deal with per say.
  7. f

    fishboy345 New Member Member

    Maybe look into dwarf puffers, you could have a few and they're very intelligent, recognize their owner, and are fun to watch
  8. OP

    FishyFishy101 New Member Member

    Don't worry it's fine:)
  9. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Stick with males guppies - they're the ones that typically have all the bright colors and fancy fins!