10 Gallon Tank Build.

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    Turns out it was cheaper to get a starter kit than use my extra tank and buy everything for it. The lid and filter alone would have cost more than the starter kit!

    I want some mystery snails and about 12 feeder guppies in this tank. I am hoping that I will have a steady supply of guppies in a few months to add to my turtle tank here and there. I wanted something that wouldn’t cause overcrowding and also have other purposes.

    So I have:
    A 10 gallon tank with lid
    25lbs of brown rocks

    I still need:
    Some plants (trying to decide between live and plastic) I’d like live but don’t know what to add.

    I will be adding more things as I think of them.
    Anyone have good suggestions on live plants? Or if they would be ok with the LED lights on the tanks lid?
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    Oh great! I’m going to check those out. I want a natural looking tank with lots of hiding places.