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Discussion in 'Sump' started by SteierFoam, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. SteierFoamNew MemberMember

    Hey, just picked up a 10 gallon tank of craigslist and plan on making it into a sump for my 37 gallon reef project. I am new to this hobby and had a few questions!

    Heres what i plan to do: i want my sump to be at least 3 chamberer, first one a nice skimmer, second one a refugium, and the third my return pump. I understand how the overflow siphon will work, and the whole plumbing process, im just confused on how much GPH i need to be flowing in my 37 gal.

    1. how much gallon per hour should I be planning for?
    2. That questions being answered, what size tubing should I be planning for regarding 1. my overflow box, 2. my return pump.
    3. I understand a 10 gal has a lot of space restraints, should i just use a HOB skimmer, or one that goes in the water?
    4. is it possible to find a good quality skimmer small enough to be productive in my 10 gal sump?
    5. Does anyone have a good blueprint for a 10 gal. sump with a refug, and bio filter?
    6. I want to buy my skimmer and pump first and then build sump around it, any recommendations on a skimmer and return pump?
  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    Let's see if some of our salt members can help you out today.
  3. locoyo386Well Known MemberMember

    Hi there,

    For reef I read that they recomend around 40x the volume of the tank;
    37*40=1480 gph, this is total. From here you would subtract the water movement from the powerheads. If you have any, but in a reef tank they are certainly a must. You should look into two of them, maybe around 600 gph each or so. For the return pump you should look for one somewhere around 200-400 gph, or around that number.

    Here it depends on the gph of your return pump, but somehwere around 3/4" diameter PVC piping. Do you have an overflow system planned out already?

    Around 200-400 gph, you do not want to push to mush water in that small of a tank because it could cause microbubbles really fast.

    I might recomend an HOB skimmer, not sure what type as I never used one before.

    Not sure, I really don't know much about them. I am currently n the research procces because I want to built my own and give them a try.

    The layout plan depends on wether you are going to go with the skimmer in the tank or not, and what return pump you end up getting. Like I mentioned before I would recomend an HOB skimmer and go with a refuge with some macro algae. You would have a section for the overflow to come into the tank and a bubble difuser that leads to the refuge chamber and a bubbler difuser that leads into the return chamber, rather simple design. Just keep in mind the volume of water you will need for the return pump to operate properly and the volume to compensate for the water in the system so that the refuge does not overflow.

    That's exactly what you should do first, buy the return pump and the skimmer and work the design around them. Just make sure you decide on a skimmer first, as far as HOB or not, that will determine the water level needed for them to run properly.

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