10 gallon stocking ideas?


I am considering getting a 10 gallon aquarium. What are some stocking ideas for a tank of this size? I have a 20 gallon right now and looking to expand with a 10 gallon, it would be a planted tank if I got it.


ok sounds cool, any other ideas?


I would say no to the female bettas a ten gallon is a bit small for a sorrority tank in my opinion. my set up is a couple of adfs and a betta, also some nerites. I personally love african dwarf frogs they r very different. but the pea puffers is also a cool idea I want totry


Just as an idea of how much you can stock in a 10g. My 10 has 10 Danio TinwinI (they're much smaller than your standard zebra), 1 blue cobalt goby, some blue velvet shrimp and when my LFS gets them back in stock my chilI rasboras will be back up to 6-8 (currently at 1 or 2, they're hiding all the others died).

I'd suggest a nice school of 8-10 celestial pearl danios, those are super cool and stay less than an inch. Then you've got room for some other smaller school of something.


What other fish would work with Pygmy cories! I love my Pygmys


White Clouds, CPDs, Killifish and Guppies are all good tank mates for Pygmys as they all like 74/76 temps.

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